Friday, January 3, 2014


Update 20160224: Time is a concept. This may differ from observations in the present. To achieve the correct timing, I asked for help, but did not get it.

Almost everything that is mentioned in this article will be supported by facts in the (near) future, through the Gaia and James Webb (space telescopes) and others. Also by various scientists.

Talking about the complete story with time measurements which are made by the human.

I will call it the year zero. Seen from today it is more than 54.5 billion years ago. There is completely nothing. Not a beginning of a previous system. Totally nothing. We people cannot accept that, but we will, after we understand how everything works.

In space there is no time. When you could stand above the Earth, you can see at one side the start of Universe and beyond and at the other side, the end of Universe. Time and measurements are creations of the human, which can be used for a perfect system on our Earth. In the short term, earthly time is comparable to the natural system.  

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To explain how the year zero does look like, I can speak about the center of a Black Hole, without the memory of all subjects that are absorbed by the Black Hole. It is not possible for us human, to travel into that center. It is even not possible to send a satellite into a Black Hole, because, as we know from my article about the Black Hole, everything that enters loses its existence.

During a period of 2 billion years there starts an existence of an element, which I gave the name [Element '0']. One gas that is inside this element, is an acid that - in full density - can penetrate through everything. In lower density it can bring an easy separation. I can compare it with a neutrino. Only a neutrino is harmless. Also present are the basics of electrons. The most important function of this element is that you can go to two sides: Positive and Negative. Zero will be the border element in nature: to grow (explode) or to mortify (implode). Create life and end life. Not only life forms as we know on Earth are born and die, planets, moons, stars and galaxies are born and eventually will die. It is essential to evolution.

Already from the start, all elements will rotate anti clockwise and they are close together. If I should give a size here, I might get into problems with the word processor, which I am using to write this article. To measurements we use on Earth it is a enormous decimal. Somewhere in 60 billion I presume. And in yocto. By the rotation the elements are already magnetic. Together they form an element, which has the name [Element '0'].

In the upcoming 2 billion years another element is created, which I gave the name [Element '1']. With that element it is possible to create positive and negative numbers (translated to our metric system). The size of this element is even smaller than the '0' element. To give a better understanding what those numbers can do, I will talk about the memory of the Black Hole, in which the information of the object is saved. Thus, only the building blocks, circumferential, and the like are stored in descriptions.

After 4 billions years the two elements start to create another element. I name it D, after the first name of a friend and professor in neuroscience. Element 'D' consists of four different elements. Those are the building blocks of the Universe, including formulas for water and oxygen.

'0', '1' and 'D' are under the smallest basic element we know now (January 2014).

After a period of 37.5 billions years (from the start) the moment is there to activate all the formulas. We know it as the big bang***, but actually it is just a pop. An element with the size of 3 x 5 millimeter is exploding and the start of Universe is a fact. With an immense power, new galaxies will be created. One of them is ours. Explosions of fire with building blocks in plasma, are creating the galaxy. Planets arise and after 5.5 billion years a star will be created by all the earlier created planets from the left overs of the plasma. The star will be the center of the galaxy, which we call the Sun. By the magnetic fields of the Sun and all the planets there becomes a relation, which will set everything on its place. To get a perfect understanding between all planets, there are coming moons. Like the Moon will have influence on the magnetic field on Earth and on the seas, which is going to exist there. Most water on Earth is coming from the planets in our galaxy. They are in fact made of the same material as the Earth, and thus also contain water. It is not possible to have more than one planet in a galaxy that can have life. Every galaxy that is created has only one planet with the possibility to have life, as we have on our Earth.

However, when scientists will investigate the moon Europa near Jupiter, they will discover that there is life on that moon under the thick layer of ice. Why there is life on that moon and how it differs from Earth, is not possible to answer to right now. But I expect that scientists will travel to Europa near 2020.

Through the interaction in our galaxy, to create the planets and moons and a dwarf planet, there is created water to the planet Earth, together with an atmosphere.
At 50 billion years Earth will start getting life forms, which will get there existence in the deep oceans by Black Smokers. A black smoker or sea vent is a type of hydrothermal vent found on the seabed, typically in the abyssal and hadal zones. They appear as black, chimney-like structures that emit a cloud of black material. The black smokers typically emit particles with high levels of sulfur-bearing minerals, or sulfides. Black smokers are formed in fields hundreds of meters wide when superheated water from below Earth's crust comes through the ocean floor. This water is rich in dissolved minerals from the crust, most notably sulfides. When it comes in contact with cold ocean water, many minerals precipitate, forming a black, chimney-like structure around each vent. The deposited metal sulfides can become massive sulfide ore deposits in time.

One of the first animals that start to live on Earth are whales. I am not going to write down how all kind of animals are going to go through evolution, that is already known.

Approximatively 8 million years ago the basics of man started in evolution, together with the apes. Man is not born from the apes, but evolved along with them. They learned from each other. At 4 million years they separate their way of living and man evolves even faster. Religion starts as a safety for groups of people. Together they can have more power to survive, than just being single. And it is not just one religion. Surroundings, events in nature and so on, are basics to all kinds of different religions. In long periods of time man discover things. Better said: They invent things.

Man will not always live. As Universe not always will live. The complete period for the Life experience will be 70 billion years and it will all end eventually in one Black Hole. The principle of emergence (birth), life and death, is also applicable to all galaxies. It will all end in an element with the size of 3 x 5 mm. Man will die out, partly self-inflicted. Can we change that? No we cannot! It is a part of life. All life will have a start and an end.

Is man the only intellectual in all galaxies? No it is not. There will be galaxies with higher and with lower intellectual creatures (you may call them man). Every galaxy has its cause. There is a reason for the existence. And what will become the element at the end? A new Universe? And who is behind all this? Should we be afraid because humanity perishes? No we do not need to be afraid, because if it does happen then we are not aware of it. Nearby the year 3012 there might occur some activity, that will change humanity on Earth.

We will discover new life on Earth, because every day there is evolution in nature that will provide that. We also will learn that there are more implosions and explosions in space, that will end galaxies. I do not think man will eventually survive. We are just a part of all life forms. As much as important as a fly, a cow, ape, fish, strawberry, etc. Our living is a part of a complete evolution to get a new form of life, with perfect forms.

*** Monday 17 March 2014: A long held belief by scientists that the universe began to rapidly expand at the dawn of time may have been confirmed by a telescope that UC San Diego helped build at the South Pole to study the earliest moments of the cosmos.

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics announced Monday that the BICEP 2 telescope might have detected the aftermath of the “cosmic inflation” that they think occurred just after the universe arose 13.8 billion years ago in the so-called Big Bang.

Wednesday 12 November 2014: ESA’s Rosetta mission has soft-landed its Philae probe on a comet, the first time in history that such an extraordinary feat has been achieved. More:!_Rosetta_s_Philae_probe_lands_on_comet

Thursday 11 December 2014: The water vapor in the comet does not match the water what we know on Earth