Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Time is a creation of the human and in most cases it is a perfect system to use on the earth. Time is essential for many things, only it set us to limitation. Easy samples are found in sport and sometimes there will break a record in thousands of a second.
But time is more. Products have a limited time of existence. And that is not a problem, as long as it is on earth, but when you want to go into space than it can give problems, unless you plan to stay near the earth.

In nature and also in space, there is no time. The time that is mentioned there by human is time which is created by human. It finds its origin long time ago and Internet can inform you how it started. One important thing however is that we took the sun and the stars to create our time.

A nice study for students worldwide is how time can be different for being in another galaxy. There are millions of billions other galaxies in space and it will be certain that there are other life forms there. Suppose they are as smart as us or even smarter (which I think), how does their time look like to ours? For instance with a smaller sun. Outgoing information that you compare their time with ours. Is that perhaps a reason they can fly faster, if they use time? Our day is 24 hours, but it can happen that their day is 12 hours.

So nature does not use time, but it does her work in cycles. Sometimes it will cost human life, but that is not a mistake of nature, it is a fault of the human. You never can blame nature, it is always our fault that something goes wrong. That also can be related to time. If there is land, that normally spoken belongs to the sea, you can figure out in time when it can go wrong when people start living there. And once every 100 years does not mean, now and the next over 100 years. The reason so many people die in disasters caused by nature is that there are too many people on this earth. They live on places which are not suitable to live. The human also has a biological clock that does not work with the time, we human use, but which nature uses. 

We can use nature for our benefits. To create a better world. And also to explore space. In this last case we need a product that is timeless. Not a metal that can break down after a period or a fossil fuel, because that also has a limitation in time.

I was planning to write here about a new kind of metal, which is able to repair itself and to maintain, so it is always as new. It easily can be developed within a few years, but than I asked myself: “Why should I talk about timeless metal or even about anti-gravity? What purpose can it have to humanity?”

Why not work on my method, that I worked on since January 2010? For which I still did not get any money, to do the research together with students. Healthcare is much more important than flying into space with a timeless vessel, that can handle gravity as a piece of cake. In my opinion the timeless metal will be used for military activities and I am not into that. 

Another possibility to work on is a system which can be used for electric cars but also other transportation. Let me first keep it to electric cars and make a sample of an Model S Tesla. Its range is set to 480 kilometers. Suppose you have no garage and or possibility to have a recharger at the house, you might be less interested in having such a car. The system, which I will not describe here, can increase the range of an electric car with a factor of 180 (or higher), which means that 480 can be 86,400 kilometers (or more).
Tesla is just an example, it could be any other car brand.

Now in 2016 I will start working again on the method, that can cure any disease. And also analyse and write about life on Moon Europa.