Sunday, July 7, 2013


THIS IS MY THEORY! From my original Dutch document 12 June, 2013.

When an event happens, there is always a source that can be explained. Thanks to Internet we can search for answers and eventually we also can ask scientists how things did work or how it should work. But sometimes I do not understand the source that is given, because it is given too much answers which separately all give even more questions and suggestions.

There is such an event: HIV/AIDS.

During my research on the Internet I found answers that were not given by the scientists who were working on HIV/AIDS. Something completely different came in the time line, but it has the same effects as HIV does have: the immune system is turned off.

First I go to 1981, when some strange activity took place in San Francisco (USA).
Many Gay men died a terrible death and it was not known what the real reason was. They gave it the name GRID (Gay Related Immune Disease). After a while though they discovered it were not only men, but also women and they changed the name into AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). In 1984 they discovered that the source of AIDS was a virus with the name HIV (Humane Immunodeficiency Virus). The immune system of the human being is turned off, and thus he / she will die.

Scientists discovered it were the apes who gave this HIV to the human. Apes that were having the SIV virus. But how did those apes get this SIV virus? Nowhere in history I can find that answer, so there I started looking for clues.

In the year 1789 a German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovers uranium somewhere in South Africa. He also stands at the basic knowledge of titanium in 1795, strontium and tellurium in 1798 and cerium in 1801. The mining of uraninite will start. The mineral uraninite, pitchblende, commonly referred to, is the most important uranium oxide with the chemical formula UO2. Thus, it is a natural product. The mineral is highly radioactive. Repositories are the southern parts of the Canadian Precambrian Shield, particularly Bancroft Ontario and New Hampshire in the United States and the gold-containing conglomerates of Transvaal, South Africa.
No account is taken of the indigenous population, nor with the animal kingdom, during the extraction of the uranium from the mines.

By extraction of the uraninite in South Africa, in addition to the human, the animal kingdom exposed to uranium. Because many species of monkeys in South Africa is the life SIV developed in most species. It is known that in the former Belgian Congo much uranium is extracted. Because the indigenous population has been on the radiation from the uranium exposure, it is already HIV emerged and have apes never infected humans. Instead of getting SIV from the apes the human got HIV from nature.

To understand an event that will take place near the end of 1939, I go to 1884, when Germany is getting some colonies. Most countries have several, so why not Germany?

I will only mention the colonies in South-Africa:
German East Africa (Deutsch-Ostafrika) (1885-1919)
German South-West Africa (Deutsch-Südwestafrika) (1884-1915)
German-Witu (Deutsch-Witu) (1885-1890)
German-Cameroon (1884 - 1916)
Neukamerun (1911 - 1916)
Togoland / Togo (1884 – 1914)

As you can see, the end of the ownership by Germany stops in the first world war. This is an important fact in history.

In 1907-1908 a German expedition discovered the SIV virus and forwarded this knowledge to the University of Leipzig. Later on, when Hitler is in sight, this university is going to be a very important leader in extracting knowledge about programs to purify the population. They only investigated the apes, not the human. If they would have done that, they would have found HIV at the human.

Shortly after Hitler came to power in 1933, there are a number of programs launched which should lead to purify the people. People who inherited and are radically unfit should be sterilized so they can not take care of new generations. Offspring for In addition, laws are made based on an American model sterilization law in 1922.
On July 14, 1933, a compulsory sterilization law enacted, which meets this criterion. It is not quite in line with Hitler, because he wants a strong Germanic human and that you do not get realized so quickly, because you will have to wait a generation. There are also adopted euthanasia laws to eradicate disabled easier and also it should be possible to deformities in babies born to make that life to an end. Directly Conducted by the University of Leipzig (see earlier in this document). Hitler gives the order to the scientists to find a way to quickly get rid off unwanted people. Varieties In fact, the entire world population, the Aryan people should be kept alive. His people! I wrote this, because it was my first thought that the Nazis were behind the virus HIV.

Even before WOII America is already active in cruel actions by using uranium. In 1931 Cornelius Rhoads a pathologist at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, is experimenting with exposure to radioactive material of American soldiers and civilian hospital patients. In addition, between 1931-1933 experimented with mentally ill patients in the Elgin State Hospital in Illinois. They get radium-266 injected as experimental therapy. Scientists in Germany copy these experiments.

Important fact is that if you are exposed to uranium for a certain time, that then the immune system in the body gets damaged. Pending how healthy you are. But there will be a problem to be protected against dangerous bacteria.

And then there is 1939. In history there is told that German soldiers, who came from Cameroon, get into war with Danzig (Poland). They are having the virus SIV which they got in Cameroon and they cause an epidemic under the population. Hold on, what were German soldiers doing in Cameroon? It was not a colony anymore from Germany. What really happened was that in April 1939 Germany started with its Atomic Energy Program, but they had to abort because they started World War II. The soldiers that were infected with SIV were in a fact active in the Atomic program. They have probably been exposed to radiation from uranium.

In America there are several experiments with uranium and people. Most of the time there are soldiers used, who were not aware of these experiments. But scientists also used disabled people and or prisoners. After the second world war, America and the Vatican are arranging the transportation of 1,600 German scientists to America (intellectual reparations). It is called “Operation Paperclip”. It is done to get America better on track for the future. They were convinced that German scientists could help America's postwar efforts. Some of these scientists are going to be at the base of what we call now NASA. Most of the German scientists get a job at the CIA and have a freedom of experimental tasks. In the upcoming years it will be more clear that many of those scientists didn't talk about their cruel history during the Nazi period. German scientists are experimenting in Haiti together with the CIA. You can read more on the Internet about American nuclear guinea pigs.

Experiments with humans and accidents with nuclear material are on the same time line as the start of HIV.

1979 I noticed an event in Los Angeles at:
Date: 5 June 1979
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Type of event: lost source
Description: A radiographer was worker at a temporary job site with a 28-curie iridium-192 industrial radiography source. When leaving the site, he failed to secure the camera and source. The source fell out of the camera and was picked up by a worker who did not know it was radioactive. This worker placed it in a hip pants pocket for 45 minutes before giving it to a plant manager. He incurred a 1.5 megarem surface dose (60,000 rem at 1 cm depth), requiring skin grafts to the buttocks, and a whole body dose of order 68 rem. Four other workers suffered localized radiation injuries to the hands, and 11 individuals were exposed altogether. Consequences: 5 injuries.

So 5 injuries, but 11 individuals. Little strange. And knowing there are many Military plants near Los Angeles and San Franciso makes it even more interesting. Specially when we see that in 1981 men and women are dying of HIV.

In the past there were not only male scientists active with uranium but also female scientists and it is not always for sure if everything has been written down. And then of course there are billions of documents that are kept secret from us, not only in America but also in the rest of the world.

Time line 1959 a Congolese man dies from HIV-1 followed by a Congolese woman in 1960.
In May 1969 Robert Rayford, dies a 15-year-old African-American in St. Louis. doctors thought he was a prostitute, but the patient gave no information. In 1969 a Norwegian sailor also died, his wife and 9 year old daughter. He had visited eight years earlier the ports of West Africa.
An important detail is that the HIV-1 virus comes in from 1969 to 1970 in Haiti. It is believed that it originated with contacts by people from the Congo in Africa. An important thing I want to say here is that the CIA, along with German scientists conducted experiments in Haiti, because they were not allowed to do them in America itself.

The course of the time line HIV to AIDS in 1981 is generally known and otherwise be reflected over the Internet. The fact that there were more cases of AIDS in South Africa, at the time of the ascription of AIDS is clearly explained. There was in fact the largest exploration committed to the recovery of uranium.

To be able to determine how suddenly a large number of (gay) men in San Francisco are diagnosed with HIV and dying of AIDS, makes me decide to look via Google for the nuclear program in San Francisco during the period 1979-1981. Telling a story to the world that HIV has come to America via someone in Haiti, does not work for me. Within plenty of activity at The Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory in San Francisco, I can not determine when accidents happened, because they are not listed. But if a person has been exposed to uranium, here the turnips were cooked. Real translated from the dutch document (dan waren de rapen gaar). This lab is just one of the many who did research in the nuclear program. As I wrote before, there was an accident in Los Angeles in 1979. And in San Francisco the Military have had a lot of problems with nuclear devices.

I am convinced that the way AIDS / HIV / SIV just is AIDS / HIV and SIV and that the source of all misery has been the discovery of uranium.

Remains for me a question: "1% of the white population is immune to HIV. Is this the Aryan race, that Hitler had in mind? "