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Nothing in nature is exactly the same. So the word identical should even not exist. But it happens and even if something should be called identical, then it is the human who is the source of this answer. I could end the article here because NOTHING is identical, but then there always will be people who will say I am wrong.

When nature started to exist, longer ago than the human came, there were no figures to calculate with and every form was different. Because nature cannot grow with two things that are the same. It only can evolute when things are different. Of course it can be possible that things look the same. The human started with numbers to understand things better and to give it a place in thinking.

Around 2,000 BC numbers got their existence by Babylonians. The Egyptians had a system to represent numbers. Later on in time there arose natural numbers, such as 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. Of course very useful but if you then cut a melon in half, then you had two parts of a melon. Half a melon did not exist, because you had not worked with decimals. Decimals come much later. That was in 1585 and carried out by Simon Stevin. And then it will go wrong. People can create identical numbers, which in a fact are not identical.

I will give an example here, that might give you an idea:
In a calculation you get a decimal with a repeated function, for instance 1,32323232323232. By an argument of a human the repeated function is stopped at the 14th decimal. But it really should continue, perhaps even timeless. Why? There should be an end. NO there should not be an end. But we human cannot contain how endless and big numbers in nature can be. By making the decimal 1,32323232323232 we create a possibility of getting an identical fact.

Scientists discover increasingly that I am right about that nothing is identical. I will mention two examples, but trust me, the world will discover that everything is not identical.

Professor René Bernards, a pioneer in the field of tumors, discovered that there are no identical tumors. So every tumor is unique. That fits perfectly in my theory that every disease is unique, like every human is. Because nothing is identical. No not even an identical twin. The word is not correct, it should be an mono-zygotic twin. They look the same, but when you ask their parents if they are exactly the same, the will say: “No!”. And even the brains of the two twins are different. Professor Dick Swaab wrote about this phenomenon. It is proven that even those twins are not identical but two unique persons.

Let's take 10 people who are having the flu. It is not sure which kind of flu they have, only they are having fever, coughing and runny noses. Some go to the doctor and get medication, others buy self medication and a few do nothing, but they drink enough water. Let me tell you that the people who did nothing and were only drinking water, that they were better in just a few days. The way a body responds to a sickness is for every human different. It is not possible to find one solution for the flu. Vaccinating people against the flu does not mean all those people will not get the flu. It even can happen that people get sick of the vaccinating.
Thanks to the Internet, we have forums, where people talk about their illness. That can be very dangerous, because not every human is the same. Some people take Advil for pain, which can be deadly for other people who are having pain. For example, if you suffer from narrow blood vessels, it is not good to get Advil, because that drug is narrowing the blood vessels.
It is a wrong and stupid reaction of people to ask which drug is used by a friend or family member, because the effect is not the same for everyone. That is not the drug, but to the fact that every person is unique. Diseases do have similarities, but are never exactly the same.
There NEVER will be one solution for a disease.

And the things we use every day are also unique and not identical. Take the sheets of paper in the printer. They look the same, but they are all different.

We use the word identical also for atoms and molecules. But they are not the same. They look the same. If a molecule should be identical to another, it should also take the position, which is not possible.

Suppose we can make two pieces of chocolate in the right way with the molecules, so that they look exactly the same. Place them separately on a table and wait. Those two pieces can look the same, but they are not in the same position, so they are not completely the same. But okay, let us think they are. The influence of the environment, the chocolate will discolor and eventually spoil. You will notice that it will not happen to both in a similar way. So those two pieces of chocolate are unique and not identical.

Structures are always different. They can look the same, but they are never identical. Like casings for i Phones or just think of any material you like. At 100,000 automobiles, from the same series, color and so on, not a car is identical. Every car is unique.

Look around and see only unique forms and enjoy them.

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