Sunday, April 28, 2013



It is always funny to write about this subject. Looking back to the moment the human race started at its development. It is about eight million years ago when the human race started at its evolution together with the apes. They could live together and evaluate. I dispute the claim that humans descended from apes. They both started their evolution at the same time. The exact date is approximately four million years ago when the human and the apes were as we can see them now.

The apes were smarter than the human. They still are. Just look at the population of them. There are too many humans on this earth. Therefore it is even harder to accept when disaster strikes, that so many people are killed. If there were less people living on this earth, the chance of killing people at a disaster, would be less.

Originally should there be 1 billion humans living on this earth. But real time figures show us, that there are a lot more people living, so too many. The moment I took a peek it was 7,111,783,339 people (Sunday 21 April 2013 = 5:11 pm).

But really it is all planned at the start of Universe: approximately 54 billion years ago. Creating life: multiply and continue to exist. It is also known that the human will end their own existence, because there are too many of them. We can kill animals and nature, but without them, we cannot live. Even the idea in China, that people only could have one child, did not have any effect. The population in China is on this moment 1,359,730,429 (Sunday 28 April 2014 = 0:13 am). I know there is a difference in dates in this document, but that is because I am not constant working at this article.

Why could and can nature keep everything in balance and we people not? That is easy to explain because almost every human wants children. In evolution the nature has been always in balance, till the human came on this earth (as planned) and they will destroy earth (as planned) and themselves (as planned). Nature does try to help with that. Disasters enough, which really are just natural disasters. But people started living on places, which were not suitable to live. Just look at the news. There is almost every week a disaster somewhere in the world, which is natural. A fact that a building collapsed in Bangladesh is part a source of a natural disaster. By using less quality materials it is the human, who is making it worse. Tropical cyclones are hitting us; earthquakes; tornadoes; Pacific typhoons; drought; etc.
And then of course there are people who say it is an act of God. They want your money to follow their religion, but it is not an act of God. It is nature who is just doing its work. If there is a God he certainly is not punishing people with disasters. Nature is just doing its work. We humans like to give other people the blame when things go wrong. But it is us, that is making the problem, because we are with too many humans on this earth.

Another reason why there are so many people on this earth is that people are getting older, because of the medical advances. 4 Million years ago, the age of a human was approximately 2-5 years max. That became 30-40 for some hundreds of years back. Last century the average age of a human was 70-80, 100 years before that it was 40-50. Seeing those numbers it could be a world population of a little more then 3,5 billion people. Even that was more then planned.

HOLD ON! You're telling it is all planned, first there should be 1 billion people on this earth and later on you tell that it is planned that there are more then 7 billion people. That does not stroke with each other. So give an explanation!

It is a test to figure out if the human can be smart enough to see what is happening. They are intellectual enough to let the human live longer but will they see that the longer people live the more people there will be in the future. And it is planned that mankind will die eventually. The human is just a part of evolution of the Universe. We are not planned to stay forever. It is for the man himself to set a limit to one's own life. Create place for new generations. Till the moment is there, mankind is not longer necessary in this evolution. Don't read here that people must kill themselves. But there will be a moment in life that it might be a reason to consider if living longer has any useful meaning.

So what can we do about this problem?
Just some thoughts from me. I do not think they will help, but why should I not write them down? If you want a child, think what life it will get in the future? What chances will it have to become a grown up human? Is the place where you live safe enough? Living on land that can be flooded by nature. When you look at a map of seismic information about earthquakes, is it your place to live there? And suppose when you are old, you have had a life on this earth, and illness is striking at you. There might be a chance that you live longer when specialists are going to give you a cure (or whatever), in which you have a chance of 30% that you live longer for a couple of months. Or can you accept that enough is enough? If you are rich, give some money to the poor. Give it to people who can have a little better live. Let others live your thoughts by giving them chances of having joy and opportunities. Do not see it as a must but as a can.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


During the reading of the document you will understand what is happening during an NDE (Near Death Experience). So I will advice you to read the complete article.

We all know 'Auto-complete'. Most people have it in their smart phone and or on their computer. In our brains we have also an Auto-complete function, which is a billion times better – in most cases – then the one we know from the smart phone and or computer.

I will give a few examples to see what it does:
For instance you smell something is burning and suddenly you remember you put something on the stove. The auto-complete in your brains combines the knowledge that something is cooking and the smell of burning.
Another sample is that you are looking at a movie and it is a kind of thriller. At critical moments your memory is trying to fill in the possible answers. In most cases you are wrong, unless you have seen the movie before.
A smell, a view, a thought, they all are connected to the Auto-complete in your brains and it will try to fill the blanks that might come in your thoughts. If you have been an honest person all your life, without any fear the Auto-complete will be different then for when you have fear of things or have not had a honest past. Another combination that might occur is that the Auto-complete get its information from your fantasy.

Everything we see is having a place into our memory and it is not always labeled with the right information. So it can happen that you think you see a picture of spot in San Francisco, while it is in Australia. So it is not the fault of our Auto-complete, but our own stupid fault, because at the time it happened, we didn't pay any attention to it. Seeing things is not only information about the image, but also over the way we feel at that moment and what we smell.

A sample might give you an idea:
In 1984 my mother deceased. It was a very hot summer and I went with my father to morgue to see her. We went twice and the second time the color of my mother was changed into purple and she was smelling sweet. Till the moment of today I still have moments, that when I get that sweet smell in my nose, my Auto-complete does show my mother. For many years I have experienced that as a trauma. But I found a way to give my brain other information, so it would change into a pleasant feeling.

When I think of some candy I ate in the past, my Auto-complete will give me the image of the candy but also the taste of it. And then when I see that candy nowadays the taste is completely different. That doesn't always mean the quality of the candy is changed. My Auto-complete also takes the smell from the past into the memory.

So we know now what Auto-complete does in life, but there is more. When we are sleeping and dreaming, there is also a function for this Auto-complete, only then there is no break on our wishes and fantasy. So things can happen in our dreams, which probably not will happen in normal life.

Our brains is the most complex system we can think of. It has so many functions and still we are able to do whatever is possible for us. It must get power from the body and all organs there, but in a precise way. Not too much oxygen or too less oxygen. When those things happen, there is a war taking place in the brain and some functions are disabled to win this war and to be sure that the most important part keep alive. And not only oxygen is important to our brains. There are so many important things that has to work properly, to keep the brains active and in shape. Using (modern) drugs, will give problems to the brains. They will damage cells which cannot be renewed. Wrong food and alcohol also can damage the brains.

So what happens, when a human experiences a nearly death?
The view of the white light and tunnel is created by the brains during the period when the brains is active fighting to get everything back on track. It even can happen that there will be no signals to scan on the equipment that are attached to that person, because they are not important for that moment. And the Auto-complete is trying to fill in blanks and tries to combine smell, hearing, vision and all kind of information to give a complete image to the patient. The image of the white light is completed with information we know from the past. That can be everything. In a fact you might be dreaming. There are people who tell they saw themselves. It all is given by the Auto-complete. It combines all kinds of information to fill in blanks. There are also people who are telling they saw and heard the doctors talk. That can be explained by the abandoned functions by the brains. It is not necessary to keep those functions in sight, while the brains are fighting for repairing the system. I don't write these things to say that a human cannot have a near death experience, because that can happen, but the information that is given to the brain, is given by the brain itself.  

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


On Wednesday 10th of April 2013 I saw this article (translated from Dutch with Google):
Researchers link human brains of rat brains
Volkskrant: By Willem de Moor, Wednesday, April 10, 2013 15:45.

Korean researchers have developed a method that allows two brains, one from a human subject and a rat, can be linked together. This would not require surgery. 
Many interfaces between a computer and brains or other neural structures require surgery to implant electrodes. Moreover, such interfaces typically unidirectional; signals brains are read by a computer, or a computer sends impulses to muscles or brains.

Researchers from a Korean university, however, a bidirectional interface developed that brain signals from one person to the brains of a rat sends. The signals of the human subject, through a eec read. The subject was taking to a monitor on which the desired brain activity induced. Activity was eluted with electrodes on which the head is collected and processed by a computer. In the rat, a different technique, based on ultrasound, is used to stimulate specific brain areas. The fus-generator was focused on the brain region that controls the tail of the rat.
In the correct stimulus could in humans brain signal generated in this way via a computer to the rat brains be sent, resulting in the movement of the tail. Between the two signals is it about a half second delay, but the research could help trigger for a brain-to-brain interface.

In my knowledge it is possible to copy memory from multiple people to another person. I will give here an example. 
In one of my dreams, I just call the source of the knowledge that way, a young man is having a wonderful life. His studies went perfect. He is a prodigy. On his 21st he already has all important PhD's and he is going to work for a famous law firm in New York City. On a Friday, just a few hours before he will go to his job, he pays a visit to his mother, who is living in a Townhouse somewhere in the city. He always takes the back door. Going inside and leaving, but for some unknown reason he is taking the front door when leaving his mum. A pot with flowers falls from the window sill, which sits right above the front door. It drops on his head and the young man is unconscious. In hospital they discover he has a severe loss of his memory.  
In a period of six months this guy is recovering, but not his memory is coming back as it was before the accident. So the plan is to find (young) people with the knowledge this young guy was having before the accident. With electrodes the memories of those people are scanned to find the places where the knowledge has its base. Not every human uses the same spot for saving information in the brain. It can happen that one person is starting with saving information at the back part of the memory and another at the front. 

When the persons are found, from whom the knowledge can be copied, there can be made a connection from one person to the other. It is not necessary to copy all knowledge, because the guy already has the knowledge learned in the past. The brain only needs to get the right connection back. 

It is not possible to copy this kind of information to somebody who has never learned this before. For instance, you can't copy the knowledge of a piano virtuoso to somebody who has never touched a piano. That's not completely true, you can copy it, only the person who is receiving the information can't play the piano afterward, because it is not only knowledge which makes a great piano player. 

I am not an advocate for people to copy information from a prodigy to ordinary people. Deviate from the normal evolution of man, but can only harm.