Tuesday, January 8, 2013


In my research on poor sleep behavior and psychological problems I came across the fabric Cortisol, which by the adrenal cortex is produced. What happens in the human when there are psychological and sleep problems? Why does it develop? The production of Cortisol in the body makes sure you're ready to go. But when – by influences from outside – the level of a normal Cortisol is getting higher it takes away the possibilities to live a normal life. Like sleeping normal, resting, enjoying to be a being. It empowers a normal
life. Cortisol was an excellent resource throughout the past years, in order to be ready to flee if danger threatened. But today we no longer need that institution, unless we are in a situation which is that it requires of us.

The Cortisol however is still active in our body and it gets more active when things happen that 
can make us upset. That can be in traffic, at work, at home, where ever we are. We call it stress. And there a lot of people calling Cortisol the stress hormone.

When people are not able to fight for themselves and to attract everything other people tell 
them the chance is big that there will be a psychological problem. The person is not getting enough rest in his body and that will continue. But it also will happen that people they like, which decide not to communicate with him, are a source of the problem. To be in dead silence
to somebody is worse then killing somebody. The Cortisol level is getting higher because the loved ones in the environment are not communicating and it even may occur that the person is bullied by other people.

Several things can happen to such a person. He can get the highest level of being in a 
psychological atmosphere that he doesn't know how to handle anymore. He wants out of the situation, but how? He wants to flee and to be free, but the situation in which he occurs is not giving him that chance. In some cases we see that those people act with violence. They get the opportunity to get weapons and start killing other innocent people. Most of the time it will not be the person(s) that are the source of his problems. They are look-a-likes.

But it also can happen that this person is getting a stroke. And then it is just a matter of what 
parts of the brain are damaged. It could kill that person. Medical investigators will not figure out why this person got a stroke, while the people who did this to that person will live their lives and probably will have the opportunity to kill other people, without a weapon as we know.
The weapon they use is their attitude towards other people.

It would be a good thing after a deadly stroke, to study the situation in which the victim was. 
Finding the persons who were not communicating to the victim as they should. People who were bullying him. Then the outcome could be: “Premeditated murder”. 

It is always better to talk about what is bothering you than to be in dead silence and not 
communicating. And think about it first before you hate someone, you're such a perfect man? Don't make me laugh. Stop it, to other people. to tease.

Will the killings end in the world at schools, shopping centers, etc.? No they won't because the 
people won't change, not even after reading this article. People even won't better sleep when they know why their sleeping is bad. There can be other reasons for that. Just mentioned one of the possibilities.

This article is not a thriller. Life can be one if your are bullied by other people, specially by the 
ones you love!