Saturday, November 30, 2013


A black hole can be compared with a trash can. All mass in the neighborhood will end inside the hole. Not only the mass will end, but also time of that mass.

When you throw things into a trash can, eventually the can cannot hold anymore garbage, till you empty the can, but in a black hole, the mass of the garbage will stop in existence. One important fact is, that the information of the mass will be in a kind of memory. That differs from a trash can, because do you know what you have discarded a month ago? The black hole remembers it. Not only from the last month, but from everything that has been swallowed by the hole. Even the information that comes from other black holes, which are swallowed. Eventually all mass in Universe will end inside one black hole. I will write about that in my article about the beginning of life, which will tell us how Universe will get its existence and how it will end.

Everything in space that is not needed anymore, eventually will end in a black hole. It also ends galaxies that has no existence anymore.

Black holes will not end galaxies that are still in progress. Like our galaxy. We have one or more black holes, but they just clean up what is not used anymore.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


A jet lag is not a disease but a natural response of the body and should never be cured with a drug.

In this article I will explain what happens in the body, that will give a jet lag and how you can minimize the chance of getting one. I am just talking about a healthy* man, when I am talking about examples. It is never possible to write the article for every man, who can have a disease, because no disease is identical but only unique. If you have questions on behalf of your health, when you want to travel by plane, you best contact your specialist, because he knows what is best for you. *A healthy human does not exist. There always can be a failure in the genes. But talking here about a healthy man, means for as far as possible.

First of all I can exclude a possibility of getting a jet lag when you fly from North to South and reverse. Traveling by plane in the same time zone, will not give a jet lag. Not even when you get into another zone. Normally spoken, when you fly on daytime, you can make three time zones, without any problems. There has been done research in America about traveling with young people, who fly frequently in three time zones, you can find the results here: Associationsbetween jet lag and cortisol diurnal rhythms after domestic travel. In this document they are talking about cortisol, which is used to wake-up the body and get it ready for the day.

Man is not created with the aim to fly, birds are. We can learn from the animal kingdom how we can swim and breath under water; from birds how to fly and many other examples could be written down, but it has nothing to do with this article. So when man are going to fly, we can expect problems. Why do birds take a rest in the middle of their journey? Yes, to prevent getting a jet lag and not to lose their orientation.

In our brain there is a body clock. The clock mechanism is present in all brain cells, and in most other cells. It makes sure that our body functions as it should be. However it seems that it coincides with the time set by the man, the clock functions as in nature. Time is created by man, see my article “Time”. That means that where ever you go, nature is doing its work.
This moment I am in The Netherlands and I want to travel to Russia. That is two time zones. During my trip (eastwards) my body clock will set to the new time per zone, but it will not go that fast as the trip will do, because there are many functions in the brain that needs to be reset to the new time. It already happens during my traveling and it does not matter if I am on the ground or in a plane. If I want to travel further away, the same will happen. The new biological time will set during the trip. Our body clock is responding to the magnetic field of the earth. By the way, not only humans have such a clock, animals and plants have them too.

Let me start with the story how you can get a jet lag and how you can avoid getting one or and how you can minimize the effects.

When you travel westwards in daytime, there almost never will be a chance to get a jet lag. You will learn about that more when I am talking about traveling eastwards. Flying in the middle of the night or early in the morning can give a jet lag. To show you how, I will start now with the story of a nice man, who is going to travel from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to Hangzhou (China).  

(press the image to get a bigger view)

His plane departure is at 3 pm and he will arrive next day at 7:30 in Hangzhou. Most people will change their clock when they arrive, but the body clock already made those settings during the flight. There will be a difference of 6 time zones (from 1 – Departure till 7 – Arrival). Our brain will make every step directly when the plane is above a next zone. 

As you can see, the melatonin started somewhere at 10pm (7pm on the clock of the traveler). Three ours earlier than the man should expect. With the melatonin still active, the cortisol start doing its work. So one hormone is closing the business while another is opening the business. Melatonin helps to break down the active, energetic hormones in your system to allow your body to sleep and recuperate. It shuts down brain activity, and makes it harder to think clearly or to concentrate. Melatonin also pulls oxygen and needed hormones away from your muscle tissue and other cells, making it difficult to be physically active. As a result, you feel tired, withdraw, and want to sleep. Cortisol is doing the opposite and makes the body ready for the day.  

Normally spoken this man needs six days to recover from his trip, because every time zone correcting needs one day. How can he prevent getting a jet lag? NOT by the use of drugs, that is the baddest solution which he can take.
The best solution is the same which pilots use. Getting enough rest before traveling. Drinking no alcohol one day before the trip. Also no caffeinated beverages. Carbonated drinks are also out of the question. Light food is perfect and of course 2 liters of water a day.
So when the man has to travel on a Wednesday, his journey starts on Tuesday:
  • Drinking enough water (2 liters a day);
  • Eat light food;
  • Get enough rest. Go to bed an hour earlier. Doing a nap in the afternoon is also a good initiative, only not longer than 1 hour;
  • Stay in bed the next morning till the normal time to get out;
  • NO alcohol, caffeinated beverages and carbonated drinks.
He will let someone else bring him to the airport and he takes an eye shade with him. In the plane he goes several times to the toilet, specially when his biological clock is getting near the activation of melatonin (approximately 7pm in the example of the man). Then he will relax, put the eye shade on and tries to go to sleep. He will ask the purser or stewardess to wake him around 11pm (traveler time). Going afterward to the toilet and again drink some water.

When that man is going back home the next figure will show you what is going to happen:

(press the image to get a bigger view)

As you can see, on his clock it will be midnight when he arrives home, but his body clock tells it is 6:55pm. No worries about the start of melatonin. But a good rest in bed will do wonders to him.

Giving now an example how you can see if you get a jet lag or not. There is an easy formula I made for you, showing traveling eastwards:

Travel time divided by the number of time zones. You take the departure time and which you place in zone 1 (that is were you are at the start). Make columns for all the other time zones and you start counting the time with the travel time per zone (remember: 1 hour is 60 minutes, so 1:57 = 117 minutes). For the calculating of the biological clock (body clock), you ad for zone 2, 1 hour; zone 3, 2 hours; zone 4, 3 hours; etc. See the image below.

(press the image to get a bigger view)

For traveling westwards on this trip just use minus hours in the zones.

I told you before that you almost never can get a jet lag when you travel westwards. The moments when it can happen is when you travel at night near the border of melatonin and cortisol.

Have a pleasant and healthy flight!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Time is a creation of the human and in most cases it is a perfect system to use on the earth. Time is essential for many things, only it set us to limitation. Easy samples are found in sport and sometimes there will break a record in thousands of a second.
But time is more. Products have a limited time of existence. And that is not a problem, as long as it is on earth, but when you want to go into space than it can give problems, unless you plan to stay near the earth.

In nature and also in space, there is no time. The time that is mentioned there by human is time which is created by human. It finds its origin long time ago and Internet can inform you how it started. One important thing however is that we took the sun and the stars to create our time.

A nice study for students worldwide is how time can be different for being in another galaxy. There are millions of billions other galaxies in space and it will be certain that there are other life forms there. Suppose they are as smart as us or even smarter (which I think), how does their time look like to ours? For instance with a smaller sun. Outgoing information that you compare their time with ours. Is that perhaps a reason they can fly faster, if they use time? Our day is 24 hours, but it can happen that their day is 12 hours.

So nature does not use time, but it does her work in cycles. Sometimes it will cost human life, but that is not a mistake of nature, it is a fault of the human. You never can blame nature, it is always our fault that something goes wrong. That also can be related to time. If there is land, that normally spoken belongs to the sea, you can figure out in time when it can go wrong when people start living there. And once every 100 years does not mean, now and the next over 100 years. The reason so many people die in disasters caused by nature is that there are too many people on this earth. They live on places which are not suitable to live. The human also has a biological clock that does not work with the time, we human use, but which nature uses. 

We can use nature for our benefits. To create a better world. And also to explore space. In this last case we need a product that is timeless. Not a metal that can break down after a period or a fossil fuel, because that also has a limitation in time.

I was planning to write here about a new kind of metal, which is able to repair itself and to maintain, so it is always as new. It easily can be developed within a few years, but than I asked myself: “Why should I talk about timeless metal or even about anti-gravity? What purpose can it have to humanity?”

Why not work on my method, that I worked on since January 2010? For which I still did not get any money, to do the research together with students. Healthcare is much more important than flying into space with a timeless vessel, that can handle gravity as a piece of cake. In my opinion the timeless metal will be used for military activities and I am not into that. 

Another possibility to work on is a system which can be used for electric cars but also other transportation. Let me first keep it to electric cars and make a sample of an Model S Tesla. Its range is set to 480 kilometers. Suppose you have no garage and or possibility to have a recharger at the house, you might be less interested in having such a car. The system, which I will not describe here, can increase the range of an electric car with a factor of 180 (or higher), which means that 480 can be 86,400 kilometers (or more).
Tesla is just an example, it could be any other car brand.

Now in 2016 I will start working again on the method, that can cure any disease. And also analyse and write about life on Moon Europa.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


THIS IS MY THEORY! From my original Dutch document 12 June, 2013.

When an event happens, there is always a source that can be explained. Thanks to Internet we can search for answers and eventually we also can ask scientists how things did work or how it should work. But sometimes I do not understand the source that is given, because it is given too much answers which separately all give even more questions and suggestions.

There is such an event: HIV/AIDS.

During my research on the Internet I found answers that were not given by the scientists who were working on HIV/AIDS. Something completely different came in the time line, but it has the same effects as HIV does have: the immune system is turned off.

First I go to 1981, when some strange activity took place in San Francisco (USA).
Many Gay men died a terrible death and it was not known what the real reason was. They gave it the name GRID (Gay Related Immune Disease). After a while though they discovered it were not only men, but also women and they changed the name into AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). In 1984 they discovered that the source of AIDS was a virus with the name HIV (Humane Immunodeficiency Virus). The immune system of the human being is turned off, and thus he / she will die.

Scientists discovered it were the apes who gave this HIV to the human. Apes that were having the SIV virus. But how did those apes get this SIV virus? Nowhere in history I can find that answer, so there I started looking for clues.

In the year 1789 a German chemist Martin Heinrich Klaproth discovers uranium somewhere in South Africa. He also stands at the basic knowledge of titanium in 1795, strontium and tellurium in 1798 and cerium in 1801. The mining of uraninite will start. The mineral uraninite, pitchblende, commonly referred to, is the most important uranium oxide with the chemical formula UO2. Thus, it is a natural product. The mineral is highly radioactive. Repositories are the southern parts of the Canadian Precambrian Shield, particularly Bancroft Ontario and New Hampshire in the United States and the gold-containing conglomerates of Transvaal, South Africa.
No account is taken of the indigenous population, nor with the animal kingdom, during the extraction of the uranium from the mines.

By extraction of the uraninite in South Africa, in addition to the human, the animal kingdom exposed to uranium. Because many species of monkeys in South Africa is the life SIV developed in most species. It is known that in the former Belgian Congo much uranium is extracted. Because the indigenous population has been on the radiation from the uranium exposure, it is already HIV emerged and have apes never infected humans. Instead of getting SIV from the apes the human got HIV from nature.

To understand an event that will take place near the end of 1939, I go to 1884, when Germany is getting some colonies. Most countries have several, so why not Germany?

I will only mention the colonies in South-Africa:
German East Africa (Deutsch-Ostafrika) (1885-1919)
German South-West Africa (Deutsch-Südwestafrika) (1884-1915)
German-Witu (Deutsch-Witu) (1885-1890)
German-Cameroon (1884 - 1916)
Neukamerun (1911 - 1916)
Togoland / Togo (1884 – 1914)

As you can see, the end of the ownership by Germany stops in the first world war. This is an important fact in history.

In 1907-1908 a German expedition discovered the SIV virus and forwarded this knowledge to the University of Leipzig. Later on, when Hitler is in sight, this university is going to be a very important leader in extracting knowledge about programs to purify the population. They only investigated the apes, not the human. If they would have done that, they would have found HIV at the human.

Shortly after Hitler came to power in 1933, there are a number of programs launched which should lead to purify the people. People who inherited and are radically unfit should be sterilized so they can not take care of new generations. Offspring for In addition, laws are made based on an American model sterilization law in 1922.
On July 14, 1933, a compulsory sterilization law enacted, which meets this criterion. It is not quite in line with Hitler, because he wants a strong Germanic human and that you do not get realized so quickly, because you will have to wait a generation. There are also adopted euthanasia laws to eradicate disabled easier and also it should be possible to deformities in babies born to make that life to an end. Directly Conducted by the University of Leipzig (see earlier in this document). Hitler gives the order to the scientists to find a way to quickly get rid off unwanted people. Varieties In fact, the entire world population, the Aryan people should be kept alive. His people! I wrote this, because it was my first thought that the Nazis were behind the virus HIV.

Even before WOII America is already active in cruel actions by using uranium. In 1931 Cornelius Rhoads a pathologist at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, is experimenting with exposure to radioactive material of American soldiers and civilian hospital patients. In addition, between 1931-1933 experimented with mentally ill patients in the Elgin State Hospital in Illinois. They get radium-266 injected as experimental therapy. Scientists in Germany copy these experiments.

Important fact is that if you are exposed to uranium for a certain time, that then the immune system in the body gets damaged. Pending how healthy you are. But there will be a problem to be protected against dangerous bacteria.

And then there is 1939. In history there is told that German soldiers, who came from Cameroon, get into war with Danzig (Poland). They are having the virus SIV which they got in Cameroon and they cause an epidemic under the population. Hold on, what were German soldiers doing in Cameroon? It was not a colony anymore from Germany. What really happened was that in April 1939 Germany started with its Atomic Energy Program, but they had to abort because they started World War II. The soldiers that were infected with SIV were in a fact active in the Atomic program. They have probably been exposed to radiation from uranium.

In America there are several experiments with uranium and people. Most of the time there are soldiers used, who were not aware of these experiments. But scientists also used disabled people and or prisoners. After the second world war, America and the Vatican are arranging the transportation of 1,600 German scientists to America (intellectual reparations). It is called “Operation Paperclip”. It is done to get America better on track for the future. They were convinced that German scientists could help America's postwar efforts. Some of these scientists are going to be at the base of what we call now NASA. Most of the German scientists get a job at the CIA and have a freedom of experimental tasks. In the upcoming years it will be more clear that many of those scientists didn't talk about their cruel history during the Nazi period. German scientists are experimenting in Haiti together with the CIA. You can read more on the Internet about American nuclear guinea pigs.

Experiments with humans and accidents with nuclear material are on the same time line as the start of HIV.

1979 I noticed an event in Los Angeles at:
Date: 5 June 1979
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Type of event: lost source
Description: A radiographer was worker at a temporary job site with a 28-curie iridium-192 industrial radiography source. When leaving the site, he failed to secure the camera and source. The source fell out of the camera and was picked up by a worker who did not know it was radioactive. This worker placed it in a hip pants pocket for 45 minutes before giving it to a plant manager. He incurred a 1.5 megarem surface dose (60,000 rem at 1 cm depth), requiring skin grafts to the buttocks, and a whole body dose of order 68 rem. Four other workers suffered localized radiation injuries to the hands, and 11 individuals were exposed altogether. Consequences: 5 injuries.

So 5 injuries, but 11 individuals. Little strange. And knowing there are many Military plants near Los Angeles and San Franciso makes it even more interesting. Specially when we see that in 1981 men and women are dying of HIV.

In the past there were not only male scientists active with uranium but also female scientists and it is not always for sure if everything has been written down. And then of course there are billions of documents that are kept secret from us, not only in America but also in the rest of the world.

Time line 1959 a Congolese man dies from HIV-1 followed by a Congolese woman in 1960.
In May 1969 Robert Rayford, dies a 15-year-old African-American in St. Louis. doctors thought he was a prostitute, but the patient gave no information. In 1969 a Norwegian sailor also died, his wife and 9 year old daughter. He had visited eight years earlier the ports of West Africa.
An important detail is that the HIV-1 virus comes in from 1969 to 1970 in Haiti. It is believed that it originated with contacts by people from the Congo in Africa. An important thing I want to say here is that the CIA, along with German scientists conducted experiments in Haiti, because they were not allowed to do them in America itself.

The course of the time line HIV to AIDS in 1981 is generally known and otherwise be reflected over the Internet. The fact that there were more cases of AIDS in South Africa, at the time of the ascription of AIDS is clearly explained. There was in fact the largest exploration committed to the recovery of uranium.

To be able to determine how suddenly a large number of (gay) men in San Francisco are diagnosed with HIV and dying of AIDS, makes me decide to look via Google for the nuclear program in San Francisco during the period 1979-1981. Telling a story to the world that HIV has come to America via someone in Haiti, does not work for me. Within plenty of activity at The Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory in San Francisco, I can not determine when accidents happened, because they are not listed. But if a person has been exposed to uranium, here the turnips were cooked. Real translated from the dutch document (dan waren de rapen gaar). This lab is just one of the many who did research in the nuclear program. As I wrote before, there was an accident in Los Angeles in 1979. And in San Francisco the Military have had a lot of problems with nuclear devices.

I am convinced that the way AIDS / HIV / SIV just is AIDS / HIV and SIV and that the source of all misery has been the discovery of uranium.

Remains for me a question: "1% of the white population is immune to HIV. Is this the Aryan race, that Hitler had in mind? "

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Nothing in nature is exactly the same. So the word identical should even not exist. But it happens and even if something should be called identical, then it is the human who is the source of this answer. I could end the article here because NOTHING is identical, but then there always will be people who will say I am wrong.

When nature started to exist, longer ago than the human came, there were no figures to calculate with and every form was different. Because nature cannot grow with two things that are the same. It only can evolute when things are different. Of course it can be possible that things look the same. The human started with numbers to understand things better and to give it a place in thinking.

Around 2,000 BC numbers got their existence by Babylonians. The Egyptians had a system to represent numbers. Later on in time there arose natural numbers, such as 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. Of course very useful but if you then cut a melon in half, then you had two parts of a melon. Half a melon did not exist, because you had not worked with decimals. Decimals come much later. That was in 1585 and carried out by Simon Stevin. And then it will go wrong. People can create identical numbers, which in a fact are not identical.

I will give an example here, that might give you an idea:
In a calculation you get a decimal with a repeated function, for instance 1,32323232323232. By an argument of a human the repeated function is stopped at the 14th decimal. But it really should continue, perhaps even timeless. Why? There should be an end. NO there should not be an end. But we human cannot contain how endless and big numbers in nature can be. By making the decimal 1,32323232323232 we create a possibility of getting an identical fact.

Scientists discover increasingly that I am right about that nothing is identical. I will mention two examples, but trust me, the world will discover that everything is not identical.

Professor René Bernards, a pioneer in the field of tumors, discovered that there are no identical tumors. So every tumor is unique. That fits perfectly in my theory that every disease is unique, like every human is. Because nothing is identical. No not even an identical twin. The word is not correct, it should be an mono-zygotic twin. They look the same, but when you ask their parents if they are exactly the same, the will say: “No!”. And even the brains of the two twins are different. Professor Dick Swaab wrote about this phenomenon. It is proven that even those twins are not identical but two unique persons.

Let's take 10 people who are having the flu. It is not sure which kind of flu they have, only they are having fever, coughing and runny noses. Some go to the doctor and get medication, others buy self medication and a few do nothing, but they drink enough water. Let me tell you that the people who did nothing and were only drinking water, that they were better in just a few days. The way a body responds to a sickness is for every human different. It is not possible to find one solution for the flu. Vaccinating people against the flu does not mean all those people will not get the flu. It even can happen that people get sick of the vaccinating.
Thanks to the Internet, we have forums, where people talk about their illness. That can be very dangerous, because not every human is the same. Some people take Advil for pain, which can be deadly for other people who are having pain. For example, if you suffer from narrow blood vessels, it is not good to get Advil, because that drug is narrowing the blood vessels.
It is a wrong and stupid reaction of people to ask which drug is used by a friend or family member, because the effect is not the same for everyone. That is not the drug, but to the fact that every person is unique. Diseases do have similarities, but are never exactly the same.
There NEVER will be one solution for a disease.

And the things we use every day are also unique and not identical. Take the sheets of paper in the printer. They look the same, but they are all different.

We use the word identical also for atoms and molecules. But they are not the same. They look the same. If a molecule should be identical to another, it should also take the position, which is not possible.

Suppose we can make two pieces of chocolate in the right way with the molecules, so that they look exactly the same. Place them separately on a table and wait. Those two pieces can look the same, but they are not in the same position, so they are not completely the same. But okay, let us think they are. The influence of the environment, the chocolate will discolor and eventually spoil. You will notice that it will not happen to both in a similar way. So those two pieces of chocolate are unique and not identical.

Structures are always different. They can look the same, but they are never identical. Like casings for i Phones or just think of any material you like. At 100,000 automobiles, from the same series, color and so on, not a car is identical. Every car is unique.

Look around and see only unique forms and enjoy them.

These articles are a follow up to this article.

IMPORTANT for the people that only read the articles and not the website:
This blog is the intellectual property of Mr. Gé Henning. You may not reproduce, edit, translate, distribute, publish or host any of the written documents in any way without the permission of Mr. Gé Henning.

For questions you can mail to: attentionquery[at]

Sunday, April 28, 2013



It is always funny to write about this subject. Looking back to the moment the human race started at its development. It is about eight million years ago when the human race started at its evolution together with the apes. They could live together and evaluate. I dispute the claim that humans descended from apes. They both started their evolution at the same time. The exact date is approximately four million years ago when the human and the apes were as we can see them now.

The apes were smarter than the human. They still are. Just look at the population of them. There are too many humans on this earth. Therefore it is even harder to accept when disaster strikes, that so many people are killed. If there were less people living on this earth, the chance of killing people at a disaster, would be less.

Originally should there be 1 billion humans living on this earth. But real time figures show us, that there are a lot more people living, so too many. The moment I took a peek it was 7,111,783,339 people (Sunday 21 April 2013 = 5:11 pm).

But really it is all planned at the start of Universe: approximately 54 billion years ago. Creating life: multiply and continue to exist. It is also known that the human will end their own existence, because there are too many of them. We can kill animals and nature, but without them, we cannot live. Even the idea in China, that people only could have one child, did not have any effect. The population in China is on this moment 1,359,730,429 (Sunday 28 April 2014 = 0:13 am). I know there is a difference in dates in this document, but that is because I am not constant working at this article.

Why could and can nature keep everything in balance and we people not? That is easy to explain because almost every human wants children. In evolution the nature has been always in balance, till the human came on this earth (as planned) and they will destroy earth (as planned) and themselves (as planned). Nature does try to help with that. Disasters enough, which really are just natural disasters. But people started living on places, which were not suitable to live. Just look at the news. There is almost every week a disaster somewhere in the world, which is natural. A fact that a building collapsed in Bangladesh is part a source of a natural disaster. By using less quality materials it is the human, who is making it worse. Tropical cyclones are hitting us; earthquakes; tornadoes; Pacific typhoons; drought; etc.
And then of course there are people who say it is an act of God. They want your money to follow their religion, but it is not an act of God. It is nature who is just doing its work. If there is a God he certainly is not punishing people with disasters. Nature is just doing its work. We humans like to give other people the blame when things go wrong. But it is us, that is making the problem, because we are with too many humans on this earth.

Another reason why there are so many people on this earth is that people are getting older, because of the medical advances. 4 Million years ago, the age of a human was approximately 2-5 years max. That became 30-40 for some hundreds of years back. Last century the average age of a human was 70-80, 100 years before that it was 40-50. Seeing those numbers it could be a world population of a little more then 3,5 billion people. Even that was more then planned.

HOLD ON! You're telling it is all planned, first there should be 1 billion people on this earth and later on you tell that it is planned that there are more then 7 billion people. That does not stroke with each other. So give an explanation!

It is a test to figure out if the human can be smart enough to see what is happening. They are intellectual enough to let the human live longer but will they see that the longer people live the more people there will be in the future. And it is planned that mankind will die eventually. The human is just a part of evolution of the Universe. We are not planned to stay forever. It is for the man himself to set a limit to one's own life. Create place for new generations. Till the moment is there, mankind is not longer necessary in this evolution. Don't read here that people must kill themselves. But there will be a moment in life that it might be a reason to consider if living longer has any useful meaning.

So what can we do about this problem?
Just some thoughts from me. I do not think they will help, but why should I not write them down? If you want a child, think what life it will get in the future? What chances will it have to become a grown up human? Is the place where you live safe enough? Living on land that can be flooded by nature. When you look at a map of seismic information about earthquakes, is it your place to live there? And suppose when you are old, you have had a life on this earth, and illness is striking at you. There might be a chance that you live longer when specialists are going to give you a cure (or whatever), in which you have a chance of 30% that you live longer for a couple of months. Or can you accept that enough is enough? If you are rich, give some money to the poor. Give it to people who can have a little better live. Let others live your thoughts by giving them chances of having joy and opportunities. Do not see it as a must but as a can.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


During the reading of the document you will understand what is happening during an NDE (Near Death Experience). So I will advice you to read the complete article.

We all know 'Auto-complete'. Most people have it in their smart phone and or on their computer. In our brains we have also an Auto-complete function, which is a billion times better – in most cases – then the one we know from the smart phone and or computer.

I will give a few examples to see what it does:
For instance you smell something is burning and suddenly you remember you put something on the stove. The auto-complete in your brains combines the knowledge that something is cooking and the smell of burning.
Another sample is that you are looking at a movie and it is a kind of thriller. At critical moments your memory is trying to fill in the possible answers. In most cases you are wrong, unless you have seen the movie before.
A smell, a view, a thought, they all are connected to the Auto-complete in your brains and it will try to fill the blanks that might come in your thoughts. If you have been an honest person all your life, without any fear the Auto-complete will be different then for when you have fear of things or have not had a honest past. Another combination that might occur is that the Auto-complete get its information from your fantasy.

Everything we see is having a place into our memory and it is not always labeled with the right information. So it can happen that you think you see a picture of spot in San Francisco, while it is in Australia. So it is not the fault of our Auto-complete, but our own stupid fault, because at the time it happened, we didn't pay any attention to it. Seeing things is not only information about the image, but also over the way we feel at that moment and what we smell.

A sample might give you an idea:
In 1984 my mother deceased. It was a very hot summer and I went with my father to morgue to see her. We went twice and the second time the color of my mother was changed into purple and she was smelling sweet. Till the moment of today I still have moments, that when I get that sweet smell in my nose, my Auto-complete does show my mother. For many years I have experienced that as a trauma. But I found a way to give my brain other information, so it would change into a pleasant feeling.

When I think of some candy I ate in the past, my Auto-complete will give me the image of the candy but also the taste of it. And then when I see that candy nowadays the taste is completely different. That doesn't always mean the quality of the candy is changed. My Auto-complete also takes the smell from the past into the memory.

So we know now what Auto-complete does in life, but there is more. When we are sleeping and dreaming, there is also a function for this Auto-complete, only then there is no break on our wishes and fantasy. So things can happen in our dreams, which probably not will happen in normal life.

Our brains is the most complex system we can think of. It has so many functions and still we are able to do whatever is possible for us. It must get power from the body and all organs there, but in a precise way. Not too much oxygen or too less oxygen. When those things happen, there is a war taking place in the brain and some functions are disabled to win this war and to be sure that the most important part keep alive. And not only oxygen is important to our brains. There are so many important things that has to work properly, to keep the brains active and in shape. Using (modern) drugs, will give problems to the brains. They will damage cells which cannot be renewed. Wrong food and alcohol also can damage the brains.

So what happens, when a human experiences a nearly death?
The view of the white light and tunnel is created by the brains during the period when the brains is active fighting to get everything back on track. It even can happen that there will be no signals to scan on the equipment that are attached to that person, because they are not important for that moment. And the Auto-complete is trying to fill in blanks and tries to combine smell, hearing, vision and all kind of information to give a complete image to the patient. The image of the white light is completed with information we know from the past. That can be everything. In a fact you might be dreaming. There are people who tell they saw themselves. It all is given by the Auto-complete. It combines all kinds of information to fill in blanks. There are also people who are telling they saw and heard the doctors talk. That can be explained by the abandoned functions by the brains. It is not necessary to keep those functions in sight, while the brains are fighting for repairing the system. I don't write these things to say that a human cannot have a near death experience, because that can happen, but the information that is given to the brain, is given by the brain itself.  

Saturday, March 9, 2013


You are born as part of an encyclopedia. Some books will get attachments and appendix. It is good to read the other books, but sometimes it is better to close a book and leave it. It is allowed to set it in the back and to forget it. 

[Gé Henning]

Thursday, February 28, 2013


Short for who I am: My name is Gé Henning. For English speaking people it is difficult to pronounce my name and many are just saying Gay, but that can be done much better. 
Specially for whenever you have eaten fish with bones and just a small bone got stuck in your throat. The sound you create is the first letter of my name and than you only need the vowel e. There is a reason why I am writing this, in this document. You will see, just believe me. The knowledge in my brain I did not obtain by learning in the past. It is there and I write it down. 
Perhaps it can help scientists with their study. I have more knowledge, but that has nothing to do with how the brain does create language. 

Both humans and mammals can express sounds, which we recognize as speech. But there is a huge difference between the human and mammals. The human is able to think and to make a vision of the sounds they speak. In basic however the primitive sounds are equal. We humans call them vowels and there are only five of them and not six, as you might think. 

The vowels which we have in basic are: A, E, I, O and U. The vowel Y, which we also know as a 
consonant, is a human made vowel and not a basic sound. The primitive sounds belong to express feelings: Anger, kindness, pain, grief, etc. 

In my knowledge and view the basic sounds for all creatures, including the human, are all 
equal. Most important to know is, that there is never use of consonants. You might say: “That's not true!” but it is. Let me give an example with a cat. It says: “Meow”. Actually it does say: “e ou”. By the movement of the larynx, vocal cords, mouth, tongue, lips and lungs, we  hear the M and W. So mouth open: “M” “eou” “W”. The cat is only using its basic vowels. 
Remember saying my name properly? The way a mouth is moving, can give another sound to a vowel. 

When something hurts, it can be “ouch”, but the “ch” sound is created by the mouth and not 
by consonants. When a cow says: “Moo”, it actually says: “oo” and the opening of the mouth makes the consonant “M”. Dutch cows make it a little more aggressive, they say: “Boe” (translated in English: Boo). But it is just what language you are using to articulate the sound of an animal. 

Another nice fact to mention is that all creatures, except humans, can communicate worldwide 
with each other. They all make the same sounds. So it is easy for a Dutch cat to communicate with a Chinese cat. I even dare to say that a Dutch baby can communicate with a Chinese baby, only then those two have no idea what they are talking about. But still, some little  expressions of affection can be understand by both. 

Will continue now with the primitive sounds of the human. During the development of the baby 
in the mother there is a place created for the development of the neurons, which can control the primitive sound production. Controlling the larynx, vocal cords, mouth, tongue, lips and lungs. All this happens in a not yet active state. Ever heard of a baby which can talk inside its mother? But it is ready for when it is needed. It is situated near the area of Broca, where speech can be created from the moment the baby is born. Neurons stimulated by neurotransmitters and other molecules will create then the basic primitive sounds, which we call vowels. Important to say that the neuron is not making a sound but making it possible to create a sound with the larynx, vocal cords, mouth, tongue, lips and lungs. 

After the baby is born the creation of more sounds to these vowels are created. So we get 
Neuron A, Neuron E, Neuron I, Neuron O and Neuron U. They can connect to each other, which can produce more sounds to one vowel. We can see: aa, ae, ai, ao, au, ea, ee, ei, eo, eu, ia, ie, ii, io, iu, oa, oe, oi, oo, ou, ua, ue, ui, uo, uu. It can get even more longer combinations. 

Neuron A has a incoming possibility of five receptors and will only use the first receptor. 

Number, two, three, four and five are closed. For the Neuron E does it means, that the first, third, fourth and fifth receptor are closed. Neuron I has opened its third, while the others are closed. Neuron O its fourth and Neuron U its fifth. The same is for the outgoing signals. All vowel neurons will have a connection to each other to produce more different sounds. 

In the area of Broca there are only vowels active. By controlling the larynx, vocal cords, 
mouth, tongue, lips and lungs the sound is getting its shape. Consonants are created that way. 

Just try the word: Scientist. Say it and try to evaluate how it comes out of your mouth. Get 
your hands and fingers active by feeling your throat, cheeks and so on. Unless you are a brain scientist, than perhaps you can visualize what is happening. 

At the 12th week of a life other activities are going to start. The area of Wernicke is starting its 
development. Words will be made. Just slowly. Don't make any mistakes and keeping it easy. 
The brain will learn the language. The difference between Broca and Wernicke is, that Wernicke will display words as they are, including consonants. Broca will make speech happen by controlling the larynx, vocal cords, mouth, tongue, lips and lungs. 
Many other activities are going to take place: Hearing sounds, language, thinking of language and sound, talking to yourself in your brain, smelling things and get a recognition of what you smell and explaining it in words, but it is not my intention to write more about those activities. 

You even can talk without the use of your mouth, tongue and lips. Think of a ventriloquist. But 
you don't have to be one, to discover that you can do it as well. Take a microphone and put it under your chin. Start talking and see what happens. Of course the microphone needs to be connected to a device which can display the sound from the microphone. 

Conclusion: In basic, humans and mammals have the opportunity to produce sound with five 
neurons, which control the larynx, vocal cords, mouth, tongue, lips and lungs. These sounds are in connection with feelings in the body and are activated when necessary. By the movement of the larynx, mouth, tongue and lips consonants can be created in sound. These neurons can be compared with neurons that control muscles. 

Information that is created in the area of Wernicke will be transferred to she short term 
memory, which will copy it to the long term memory. 
Suppose you see the word: Floccinauccinihilipilification. There is a big chance you will forget it very fast. Even when you know what it means: 

This word has been used by Sir Walter Scott and Senators Robert Byrd and Daniel Patrick 
Moynihan. It was used by Senator Jesse Helms in 1999 during the debate on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty [Randolph V. Cinco]. It also appeared on March 14, 1996, in “Zippy,” a comic strip distributed by King Features Syndicate: 

"Do you think I may be too quick to find fault with things and people, Zippy?" 

Th’ ‘floccinaucinihilipilification’ process. 
Th’ what? 
Floccinaucinihilipilification!! It means ‘the estimation of something as valueless’! 
You’ve been randomly reading th’ dictionary, haven’t you? 
Yes. That and my natural tendency toward antifloccinaucinihilipilification!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


In my research on poor sleep behavior and psychological problems I came across the fabric Cortisol, which by the adrenal cortex is produced. What happens in the human when there are psychological and sleep problems? Why does it develop? The production of Cortisol in the body makes sure you're ready to go. But when – by influences from outside – the level of a normal Cortisol is getting higher it takes away the possibilities to live a normal life. Like sleeping normal, resting, enjoying to be a being. It empowers a normal
life. Cortisol was an excellent resource throughout the past years, in order to be ready to flee if danger threatened. But today we no longer need that institution, unless we are in a situation which is that it requires of us.

The Cortisol however is still active in our body and it gets more active when things happen that 
can make us upset. That can be in traffic, at work, at home, where ever we are. We call it stress. And there a lot of people calling Cortisol the stress hormone.

When people are not able to fight for themselves and to attract everything other people tell 
them the chance is big that there will be a psychological problem. The person is not getting enough rest in his body and that will continue. But it also will happen that people they like, which decide not to communicate with him, are a source of the problem. To be in dead silence
to somebody is worse then killing somebody. The Cortisol level is getting higher because the loved ones in the environment are not communicating and it even may occur that the person is bullied by other people.

Several things can happen to such a person. He can get the highest level of being in a 
psychological atmosphere that he doesn't know how to handle anymore. He wants out of the situation, but how? He wants to flee and to be free, but the situation in which he occurs is not giving him that chance. In some cases we see that those people act with violence. They get the opportunity to get weapons and start killing other innocent people. Most of the time it will not be the person(s) that are the source of his problems. They are look-a-likes.

But it also can happen that this person is getting a stroke. And then it is just a matter of what 
parts of the brain are damaged. It could kill that person. Medical investigators will not figure out why this person got a stroke, while the people who did this to that person will live their lives and probably will have the opportunity to kill other people, without a weapon as we know.
The weapon they use is their attitude towards other people.

It would be a good thing after a deadly stroke, to study the situation in which the victim was. 
Finding the persons who were not communicating to the victim as they should. People who were bullying him. Then the outcome could be: “Premeditated murder”. 

It is always better to talk about what is bothering you than to be in dead silence and not 
communicating. And think about it first before you hate someone, you're such a perfect man? Don't make me laugh. Stop it, to other people. to tease.

Will the killings end in the world at schools, shopping centers, etc.? No they won't because the 
people won't change, not even after reading this article. People even won't better sleep when they know why their sleeping is bad. There can be other reasons for that. Just mentioned one of the possibilities.

This article is not a thriller. Life can be one if your are bullied by other people, specially by the 
ones you love!