Saturday, October 20, 2012


“When you understand what the source is of a problem, it's much easier to understand how to solve the problem.”

Poor circulation of blood in the feet is the reason why people suffer from cold feet. Important to know is that most of the blood in the feet flows through the skin. When the human starts its evolution, it walks bare feet. But because of all kind of reasons, people started to develop shoes and later socks to protect their feet. 

With a drop in the ambient temperature or a reduction of the body temperature by heat loss, the blood vessels in the skin constrict as to reduce the heat loss. With some people that action can be worse. There is not enough oxygen. I’m not going to talk about the possibilities when a human has bad vanes or other health problems. Will stick to the ‘healthy’ people.

Some small issues can easily find a solution when you are wearing so small socks and or shoes. For instance your shoe size is 45 and the socks you buy can be used for 42-45. You better buy the size that are for 45-48. Your shoes even might be the problem, they are just a little too small. Try a size bigger, which might give blisters at the start. When you take new shoes, don’t walk on them all day. Keep your old shoes for half the day for a week. 

Our brain acts on temperature and tries to protect our body. The most important things in our body get priority. Our hands and feet are at the end of this list. You can see that with people who are travelling to colder places on our earth. Frozen toes and fingers. It sounds a little strange though, but for the protection of our body toes and fingers are less important. If something should fall, then the fingers and toes.

The brain has given the protection to our feet the lowest priority, because the socks and shoes give wrong information. We can try to set the job again for the brain to give it a little more priority.

So first of all you can see if your socks aren’t too small and if that doesn’t work you also can try the shoe size. If this doesn’t work you can try the paper trick. Careful! Not every type of paper is suitable to use. Just 80 grams of plain paper, not colored. Most people have it at home. Tear a sheet of paper into pieces about 2 x 2 cm. Not cut with scissors. The fibers in the paper have a useful function. Put also a few large socks ready.

Rinse your feet with warm water. Use the same temperature as for the normal showering. Close the cleaning with cold water and dry your feet thoroughly. Place in different parts of your foot the pieces of paper, and then pull the socks. And then you go to sleep. Next morning you do the same, only with your normal socks and to directly put on your shoes. So on the day you also have the pieces of paper on your feet. Of course they are new pieces. Try to do this for three days. It has to work if you did it the right way. Repeat one week later.

If you don’t believe me, take a piece of the paper and lay it on top of your left hand for a couple of minutes. You will notice temperature under the piece of paper will rise a little.