Sunday, December 18, 2011


When we see something in the sky, our brain is filling in information, that isn't there in reality.

As soon as we film what we see, it will be different than the thing(s) we saw, that is because the camera only does see what we ought to see.

So it isn't always a UFO our eyes are catching, it might be a to earth coming object that fell off a satellite or it's a piece of garbage that's coming down. There's enough in circling around the earth.

That's the same as with the monster of Loch Ness. As soon as somebody does see something different than the water, the brain is filling in the information that the monster is seen, while the camera most of the time does shoot a complete other image.

Try it with objects you know and let other people say to you what they see. You might be surprised in what they tell you.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I noticed last year that it was possible to see myself in the dark. What the reason was for this, I had no idea, so I didn’t pay any attention to it.

I made a study, what and why I could do this, so here is my story.

When it’s completely dark in the room and I close my eyes, I can see my hands, arms, body, legs and even my nose. The color is black but with another density than the rest of the room. When I grab something with my right or left hand, I see my hand grabbing, but I don’t see the object which I’m grabbing, while my brain does know what it is. I also don’t see the things in my room or my bed. Even when somebody is walking through my room, I can’t see that person.

I discovered that I visualize my hands and arms by the moves I make with them. So I don’t see them in real in the dark, but my visualization makes it possible to see what my hands and fingers are doing. The reason why I can visualize this is because last year I taught myself to visualize my head from the inside. I’ve learned how to look to my surroundings from inside my head. And in my opinion it’s the source of seeing me in the dark. It does look strange when I tell you I can view my surroundings with my nose or from behind of my eyeballs. 

But in real time I’m having the view of my surrounding, placed in the view of a specific place in my head. My brain does visualize the view.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


It feels strange for me after writing 23 months about science. It’s as if I’m in a shell and trying to find out why it happens. It’s not because the Maya told us the end of the world will be there in 2012, cause they did mean the end of the system. It’s also not the reason which you can learn from the Clock of Giza. Or what about the changing of the world into an ice time.

Seeing that people get out of their mind because of the recession or hyperinflation, who are trying to get their money save by buying silver and gold. Filling their houses with food for months or longer. I see this as nonsense. 

People need awareness! 

When nature started 54 billion years ago, there weren’t any humans. We are on earth since approximately 8 million years.  And from the start of humankind people made a mess out of it. Yes the people are the source of the start of many different diseases. Not only that shall be a problem which the human will develop. They start working on a system that makes a difference between poor and rich, in which the rich get richer on a non-honest way. Using poor people as slaves. Spent money which they don’t have and become richer with the moment.

What’s happening in the world this minute?
Countries did spent money using their own population as a kind of slavery. The population must work and the government does spent the money. But they even spent money which isn’t there. Just have a look at the American Debt Clock.
Every human equals a debt. The poor ones but also the rich ones. Only that last group doesn’t feel that. The Debt in USA grows every second with 45,486 dollar (this number only will grow). You might think it will get lower when new people are born, but don’t forget those who die. More people also mean more food, which does cost money.

The only way this system will end is nature. In all those billions of years nature always cleared up the mess and it will do it again. You can’t fool nature. As I wrote before, in other documents, polarity will change on our globe and it can be expected every moment. Nature does it to keep the earth healthy. Where ever the human destroyed nature, nature will get it back. Build an island in the sea, nature will get the land back from where it has been taken. 

Still for me there’s no reason to be afraid. If it happens, it happens. And just a warning to people who start believing in groups on this world who might promise you that if you believe in them, you will survive. Don’t! They only want your money. 

Important people who must make decisions, will make them always too late. The money system is going down. And we, ordinary people just keep laughing and living our lives as we should, but open your eyes just for once.

I’m satisfied with the work I do. Showing my knowledge to the world. That they don’t use it, is not my problem and it’s even not my problem when people doesn’t open their eyes.