Wednesday, August 17, 2011


While writing on my article about the young Moon Europa, near Jupiter, I got so much information in my brain, that wasn’t to be used in that article. It was information about a more explaining theory from my article about the Start of the Universe (Re-written as The Beginning of Life). Because in the end of the 70 billion years that are mentioned for that base, it all goes over into a new base. And as many people might have thought: “How do you get such an enormous  amount of galaxies into a new base?” 

Our galaxy was one of the first galaxies that started its existence.  And they started to grow on groups of 24. So our family counts 24 galaxies. But we are just a quarter of a bigger family.
24 x 4 = 96 galaxies in one big family, let’s call it form 1.
Form 1 is a part of another quarter which makes 2,304 x 4 = 9,216 galaxies. Let’s call that form 2.
You won’t believe it but form 2 is a quarter of a bigger family: 24 x 9,216 = 221,184 x 4 = 994,736 and so we have form 3.

But it’s not quite right to make this kind of calculation, because there are black holes in every galaxy, which absorbs everything that comes near them. Lucky for me Leonard Susskind did already prove with his mighty brain, that a black hole does keep the information inside from everything it does absorb. It would be senseless if a black hole just absorbs things without keeping the information. 

We are going to make a cake. Lot of mess in the kitchen from eggs and flour.  After the cake is in the oven we start cleaning the kitchen. Everything you throw away will keep the information of what it was. So eggshells and some flour. When we look in the bin, we will see those eggshells and some flour and we know it was from making a cake.

So you can see a black hole as a kind of bin. In every galaxy there are at least three black holes and nice to know is that when they meet each other they won’t absorb but merge.

By these black holes also galaxies disappear and they merge together with other black holes. But there are also galaxies which explode (super Nova) or implode – absorbed by a black hole.  It might be possible to figure out how fast these events will happen in the period of less than 16 billion years to get one big black hole with all the information of the galaxies. That black hole will be the base of a new Universe and I might think it won’t be as enormous as we see now. Evolution does learn to get more and more information into a smaller object. We humans are just a tiny part of this evolution. 

It’s funny to know that it all started with nothing and all the knowledge and evolutions will end in a black hole consisting all ever happened and existed. So finally from 221,184 or more we get 1. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ME (Myalgische Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

All about this disease. When it starts and how you can prevent it. But before I start talking about this disease I want to give some other information, which is important to understand things better. Specialists should be careful in making this diagnosis because it may well be possible that it is Asperger's. It's proven that a guy who was told he had the ME syndrome, 16 years ago, didn't have the ME syndrome but the Asperger's syndrome.

I start with the healthy human cells. There are many different parts in a cell, but to make it better to work with I set them in five groups. 
In group one you have all the parts of a cell that create the cell.
Group two has everything in it that has to do with the function of the cell. 
Group three is having all the information about DNA, genetics, evolution, and so on. 
In group four all the things are there to create two new healthy cells. That group does have also the information of one, two, three, four and five in it. 
Group five has everything in it to let the cell die, after two new cells are made. It also takes care to get rid of the old cell.

Wrong cells also can be adjusted to five groups:
One existence, two no function, three no function, four making two new cells with the information of one, two, three, four and five and in group five to let the cell die. Important to know here is that the wrong cell makes two new wrong cells and the old one doesn’t die. Function number five doesn’t work, but is still there.

And then are NAF’s. I won’t translate the Dutch name: Niet Actieve Foute Cellen (Not active wrong cells). It’s not allowed to translated the name, because I gave that name in a Dutch document, so the rest of the world has to work with the name NAF’s. The working of NAF’s are also in five groups, only one and five are there. So existence and die. These NAF’s will disappear within 16 months after birth of the child for at least 90% and the amount of NAF’s are before birth in week 35 approximately 100 cells.

Normally, when fertilization has occurred, the cells divide and fetal development does start. Healthy cells making new healthy cells. Many things starting to develop like the brain. I did set it on 3 weeks, but it can be a little longer, depends on several factors. I jump to week 35 when the immune system is going to develop. At the moment this system is developing, there develop some NAF’s, which have a function to get the immune system ready at the start when the baby is born. The mother also gives protection help to the unborn child. It’s just to be sure the immune system does work when then child is born. It’s possible to see those NAF’s, but knowing the cells are very small, it won’t be easy to find them on a scan.

The baby is born and as I wrote before, within 16 months 90% of the NAF’s will be killed by the immune system. These cells will do no harm to the body, unless they are on the wrong place, but then they are not responsible for getting for instance ME.

ME starts approximately two years before a human gets it. It’s the way some humans use their head and neck. We have a neck to keep our head on the body and to move the head in different ways. But our neck is not there to press our head down, for instance to eat. How many people dive into their food to get it into their mouth. Just get a table in a restaurant, order some food and watch people eating. We are no cows, but sometimes it just does look the same. A cow uses her neck to press the head down to get the grass into her mouth. Our neck isn’t built to make those kind of dives. And there’s the way we are sitting in front of our computer. Just keep that neck straight when you work.

What happens at the start of ME is that one or two NAF’s get into the lower cervical spine. What irritates and causes inflammation. It feels as if you are having the flu and your muscles are hurting. Not only that, you have a fever of 38,5 Celsius or more. In the future it should be possible by a physician to test that space if there is an inflammation. Best way to handle it right now is getting an antibiotic cure for 14 days. With a scan it’s possible to see a scarf of the inflammation. If it’s not found, there’s also no start of ME.

READ: Not every flu with this description will mean it’s the start of ME. Not every human has these NAF’s on the same spot.

The best way to prevent this syndrome is to sit on a good way at your computer. There are dozens of websites which you can look for on Google, so I won’t mention any here. And when eating you use your spoon and fork properly. Why do you think the human ever invented those? Sit straight and let your hand get the spoon or fork upwards to your mouth. Most people lose half the food from their fork or spoon but that’s because they can’t eat with them. So learn it and if you still have problems with your soup, get it in a cup and drink it. Don’t think your neck is the same as from a cow, because it isn’t, unless you want to get the chance that a NAF is next to your lower cervical spine.

No we can’t scan the world population if they make a chance of having a NAF near the lower cervical spine. There isn’t enough money to do that, so when you don’t have it, prevent getting it!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Most people see dead as a taboo and don’t want to talk about it. They are afraid. And why? The worst thing that can happen, already happened when they are born. Through a small opening to be pushed out, without anything to be able to do. Okay some are lucky and there is a cesarean. 

Just let me be clear about one thing: Every human, rich, poor, famous or not, will die. There are people who are trying to live longer but eventually they will die too. 

So I just asked some people who have fear of death, why they are afraid?
Some of them wouldn’t give me an answer, but some of them did. “I won’t wake up!” that’s normal when you’re dead and you won’t notice. “My heart will stop beating.”  That’s normal as well, your brain doesn’t need it anymore. But you won’t notice. 

You can see us human as a brain that needs stuff to work, to operate, like all kind of vitamins, oxygen, and so on. But just a brain can’t live alone, so nature developed a system which created the body and organs. The brain is the central system that can work thanks to everything in the body.  It evolves and in generations is getting better and better. As soon as live starts in the womb of the woman, it’s already known who that person will be and what his or her knowledge can become. But before the knowledge can be used, that human must grow first, develop.

I know some people who are trying to live a life as in The Secret is called. Being positive, but these people still are afraid to die. That’s a huge negative feeling which you are carrying with you while trying to be positive. In a fact I can say, you are not positive at all. 

If you have no problems in accepting that one day you will die, you are free in your feelings and you even can consider to give other people a chance to live a little longer by giving them one or more of your organs.  Most people don’t want to give their organs to other people, when they die, cause they belong to them. But why not considering to give other people a chance to live longer. It’s easy to take a donor codicil. And you are in the knowledge that some of your organs will continue life when you are dead. Must be a great feeling, don’t you think so?  Because when you are dead, everything in you will die and will have no meaning at all to humankind unless you give some of your organs away. 

I’m against suicide but in some cases I could approve it, when people are suffering in pain by a disease or when they are convinced that they don’t want to get demented or get Alzheimer. But that decision must be overthought carefully and talked over with family, friends and physicians.  People who are having problems with life because of money or whatever, have no excuses to make an end to their lives. 

“And how about you Mr. Gé Henning? Do you have a donor codicil?”
Yes and no. After my death my brain will go to the Netherlands Brain Bank in Amsterdam, because of my Klinefelter syndrome and now also for me being gifted with all kinds of scientific knowledge.  My body will go to the AMC university. I did consider this already in the last century and it’s in my last will. 

I didn’t write this article to make you consider giving your organs away after you die. I only wrote it to tell you, that it happens to all of us and that there’s no reason to be afraid of. You have more chance of winning a price in the lottery then that something worse is going to happen that will end your life. While writing this it pops into my mind it can be a reason that you die of winning the lottery. Your heart can’t manage the stress feeling which is coming to you.