Saturday, July 9, 2011


Once in 300,000* years the magnetic field of our earth changes. So North is going South and South is going North. This happens to cure the Earth. It sounds crazy but it isn't. The powers which it is getting from all the other planets in our Universe and the destructive way nature is doing its job on Earth are basic to this change. Therefore the Moon is getting smaller. As we know, the Moon has its influence on the water which is on our planet. It's taking care of tides. Because of the changing magnetic field on our Earth even Mars is getting smaller. I guess NASA or another company will find that out in some time from now. Jupiter and Venus are getting bigger. This all happens to keep our galaxy balanced. Once the magnetic field is switched the Moon will get bigger again, as Mars and Jupiter and Venus are getting smaller. 

It won't have any effect on the human or any other life on our planet. It happened before. The human does exist already for eight million years (mentioned from the first basics). See my article The Beginning of Life for more information.

Companies like NASA will discover there's life on other planets, because there is life on other planets. Those planets created our Earth. And when they will find life on Europa (a moon of Jupiter) and they will, our future will change. We will learn how to survive under water, without oxygen systems as we know now. It will be in a complete other form. And that can give us solutions to better food production which our Earth can give. It's not only fish that is in the water, there's a lot more to find.

*The last one before this change was 780,000 years ago but on average it’s 300,000 years. If you look at it carefully you might see approximately a period of 480,000 year occurred. I got those figures from Nasa, so it might be possible that we are now at 180,000 of 300,000. But I can be wrong. Lucky me, I'm a human and I can make mistakes.