Thursday, May 5, 2011


Wednesday morning, very early, my brain was very active. Too active, if I may say so. So I got out of bed, started the PC and coffee machine, and started typing.

For a while, now, I have been trying to figure out how I can get enormous figures into smaller figures. First, I did work with decimals, but when I look into space and go back in time, there were no decimals and not even figures. That’s something we people created. I looked on the internet about pi, did read the article ten times, but there was no connection in my brain. I do remember from my past having mathematics and algebra but the figure I got for those was an average of three.

It was absolutely not my intention to come to the smallest basic element we humans know and on which they tell it can’t be split into smaller elements. With the knowledge I have from the start of the basic universe, I just bumped into that element. The smallest basic element can be split into another smaller element, which I gave the name to my professor. That element has 1 negative and 3 positive elements.  And the human never will be able to split the elements in there, but I can tell you they are created by the two smallest elements that ever did exist, which I call the 0 and the 1 element.

I did inform some people about this knowledge and also contacted a scientist, but as always, their holiday days are here. Scientists still must research my knowledge, but I give them some opportunities to get that smallest element split. It means – when they do that – they can go back in time for 50 billion years.