Friday, February 4, 2011


This test is serious and it is necessary to do it seriously to achieve results. If you only read this article / test it will not have an effect on your brain. So you have to do it in real life with a sheet of paper and an envelope.

You will need:
(1) An empty table
(2) One piece of white paper A4 (210 x 297 mm) or whatever you can find
(3) One envelope with the size of maximum a quarter of the paper

Put the envelope and the piece of paper in front of you on the table.

Get into a comfortable position, your arms resting on the table but not near the objects.

Look at the objects and see in your brain how the piece of paper could get into the envelope. Approximately for 1 minute. Then try to see the folding in the paper – which is not there - to get it into the envelope, but do it only in your brain. Also for 1 minute.

You can put the paper and the envelope away. You don't need them anymore.

Do try to think about what you did with the envelope and piece of paper sometimes. Not too often, once a day is enough. Wait for 7 till 10 days before you get this method in action.

After the period of waiting, go to a supermarket. Before you enter the market, think of the envelope and piece of paper. Take a price in your mind, for instance one dollar. Go into the market and buy only things that are one dollar and you will notice your brain is steering you to walk only to those places towards items that cost one dollar.

If this doesn't work, try it another time with another price. After some months you will discover it's all getting much easier in shopping. You even can calculate the total price of your shopping before entering the supermarket.

What's happening in your brain when you do this test?
Your brain starts to calculate how to get the piece of paper into the envelope. When you are not thinking anymore about this activity your brain is still at work somewhere in the background. While calculating it can easy calculate other things, like finding only products that cost one dollar. The more you do it, the easier it gets
If it doesn't work with you, not a problem, you tried and you are still a unique person. You have nothing to lose.

If it works you are allowed to teach other people this method, but not for money.

*Prices are mostly 0.98 0.99 1.01 1.02 – Figure out yourself what the margin should be, but don't make it too big.