Sunday, December 18, 2011


When we see something in the sky, our brain is filling in information, that isn't there in reality.

As soon as we film what we see, it will be different than the thing(s) we saw, that is because the camera only does see what we ought to see.

So it isn't always a UFO our eyes are catching, it might be a to earth coming object that fell off a satellite or it's a piece of garbage that's coming down. There's enough in circling around the earth.

That's the same as with the monster of Loch Ness. As soon as somebody does see something different than the water, the brain is filling in the information that the monster is seen, while the camera most of the time does shoot a complete other image.

Try it with objects you know and let other people say to you what they see. You might be surprised in what they tell you.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I noticed last year that it was possible to see myself in the dark. What the reason was for this, I had no idea, so I didn’t pay any attention to it.

I made a study, what and why I could do this, so here is my story.

When it’s completely dark in the room and I close my eyes, I can see my hands, arms, body, legs and even my nose. The color is black but with another density than the rest of the room. When I grab something with my right or left hand, I see my hand grabbing, but I don’t see the object which I’m grabbing, while my brain does know what it is. I also don’t see the things in my room or my bed. Even when somebody is walking through my room, I can’t see that person.

I discovered that I visualize my hands and arms by the moves I make with them. So I don’t see them in real in the dark, but my visualization makes it possible to see what my hands and fingers are doing. The reason why I can visualize this is because last year I taught myself to visualize my head from the inside. I’ve learned how to look to my surroundings from inside my head. And in my opinion it’s the source of seeing me in the dark. It does look strange when I tell you I can view my surroundings with my nose or from behind of my eyeballs. 

But in real time I’m having the view of my surrounding, placed in the view of a specific place in my head. My brain does visualize the view.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


It feels strange for me after writing 23 months about science. It’s as if I’m in a shell and trying to find out why it happens. It’s not because the Maya told us the end of the world will be there in 2012, cause they did mean the end of the system. It’s also not the reason which you can learn from the Clock of Giza. Or what about the changing of the world into an ice time.

Seeing that people get out of their mind because of the recession or hyperinflation, who are trying to get their money save by buying silver and gold. Filling their houses with food for months or longer. I see this as nonsense. 

People need awareness! 

When nature started 54 billion years ago, there weren’t any humans. We are on earth since approximately 8 million years.  And from the start of humankind people made a mess out of it. Yes the people are the source of the start of many different diseases. Not only that shall be a problem which the human will develop. They start working on a system that makes a difference between poor and rich, in which the rich get richer on a non-honest way. Using poor people as slaves. Spent money which they don’t have and become richer with the moment.

What’s happening in the world this minute?
Countries did spent money using their own population as a kind of slavery. The population must work and the government does spent the money. But they even spent money which isn’t there. Just have a look at the American Debt Clock.
Every human equals a debt. The poor ones but also the rich ones. Only that last group doesn’t feel that. The Debt in USA grows every second with 45,486 dollar (this number only will grow). You might think it will get lower when new people are born, but don’t forget those who die. More people also mean more food, which does cost money.

The only way this system will end is nature. In all those billions of years nature always cleared up the mess and it will do it again. You can’t fool nature. As I wrote before, in other documents, polarity will change on our globe and it can be expected every moment. Nature does it to keep the earth healthy. Where ever the human destroyed nature, nature will get it back. Build an island in the sea, nature will get the land back from where it has been taken. 

Still for me there’s no reason to be afraid. If it happens, it happens. And just a warning to people who start believing in groups on this world who might promise you that if you believe in them, you will survive. Don’t! They only want your money. 

Important people who must make decisions, will make them always too late. The money system is going down. And we, ordinary people just keep laughing and living our lives as we should, but open your eyes just for once.

I’m satisfied with the work I do. Showing my knowledge to the world. That they don’t use it, is not my problem and it’s even not my problem when people doesn’t open their eyes.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Many scientists already have written about our brain and I’m not going to write down what they have done. It’s up to them and believe me, they did. There are only two professors which I like the work of, about their knowledge of the brain. Professor D. Swaab from The Netherlands and professor A. Snyder from Sydney Australia. I’m sure there are many more interesting books in the world, but I must confess: “I hate reading books!”

But then there is my knowledge, which can’t be found in the books or on the internet. Things in the brain that have a logical explanation that they are there. Because of the fact I can’t get my knowledge to University, I publish it in this article and perhaps there will be universities who are looking into it.

At the left side of the prefrontal area there is a small place in the brain that acts like a small memory which starts its work when a human is 2-3 years old. I’m convinced this small memory is also in the brain of animals, like cats, but there it starts earlier in life. I presume around the age of 6-7 months. It’s similar with the long term memory, in which it gets to learn the survival of its being. To set the human to independent life. You might ask yourself: “Why is this set into a small memory?” The human will need that at the age of 70-80 years old to set the body to a next stage. I know it from my cat, who was getting old. She was ready to accept the end of her life. After more than 18 years she finally died. It felt as if she knew it was her end. And it’s the same with human. All things in the body are prepared for the end and also in the brain. I’m talking here about a healthy human. It seems there aren’t any of them near me, but I’m sure there are. That little place in the brain also has another important function. In combination with a special treatment it’s able to produce a transmitter substance which has influence on the cells in the body. {Can’t find the proper word in English for transmitterstof – In the dictionary there isn’t a translation available. Neurotransmitter will do}

Another important knowledge is about our memory. As we know we have a short term and a long term memory. Everything we see, smell, feel, hear, is getting into the short term memory, labeled very fast and brought to the long term memory. If it’s not important, the chance is there, it will be forgotten or it will come into our mind when we don’t need it anymore. But what about the moment the connection between our short term and long term memory is gone or is getting damaged. Take for instance a whiplash or even worse Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and so on. With a whiplash the opportunity is there that the connection will come back. In my knowledge it’s possible to bring back the memory in the brain without using the short term memory. It’s done with a method in which the memory is set to work. You don’t give a word, feeling, visual or smell to the person you want to help, but you give a word that looks different than the language we use. I’m not giving the working of the method here in this article, because it must be done carefully. But it’s possible to set the long term memory to work to get memory back. It’s even possible for such a configuration to find out if people are pretending their loss of memory.

And then there is a central system behind the Central sulcus, on both brain halves. It takes care of the control of the glands. We know that some glands don’t do their work properly, for instance at Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. The glands are not the source that are making the problem, but it’s in the control of the glands. It’s not a specific fixed place in the brain, but I could name it in the somesthetic association area. Most important controls are in the right brain half and the more less important controls are in the left half. It’s possible to test this at a university. I’ve written a test (in Dutch) to see what’s happening with the glands in the body. Perhaps I will write it in English when asked by a university outside of The Netherlands.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


While writing on my article about the young Moon Europa, near Jupiter, I got so much information in my brain, that wasn’t to be used in that article. It was information about a more explaining theory from my article about the Start of the Universe (Re-written as The Beginning of Life). Because in the end of the 70 billion years that are mentioned for that base, it all goes over into a new base. And as many people might have thought: “How do you get such an enormous  amount of galaxies into a new base?” 

Our galaxy was one of the first galaxies that started its existence.  And they started to grow on groups of 24. So our family counts 24 galaxies. But we are just a quarter of a bigger family.
24 x 4 = 96 galaxies in one big family, let’s call it form 1.
Form 1 is a part of another quarter which makes 2,304 x 4 = 9,216 galaxies. Let’s call that form 2.
You won’t believe it but form 2 is a quarter of a bigger family: 24 x 9,216 = 221,184 x 4 = 994,736 and so we have form 3.

But it’s not quite right to make this kind of calculation, because there are black holes in every galaxy, which absorbs everything that comes near them. Lucky for me Leonard Susskind did already prove with his mighty brain, that a black hole does keep the information inside from everything it does absorb. It would be senseless if a black hole just absorbs things without keeping the information. 

We are going to make a cake. Lot of mess in the kitchen from eggs and flour.  After the cake is in the oven we start cleaning the kitchen. Everything you throw away will keep the information of what it was. So eggshells and some flour. When we look in the bin, we will see those eggshells and some flour and we know it was from making a cake.

So you can see a black hole as a kind of bin. In every galaxy there are at least three black holes and nice to know is that when they meet each other they won’t absorb but merge.

By these black holes also galaxies disappear and they merge together with other black holes. But there are also galaxies which explode (super Nova) or implode – absorbed by a black hole.  It might be possible to figure out how fast these events will happen in the period of less than 16 billion years to get one big black hole with all the information of the galaxies. That black hole will be the base of a new Universe and I might think it won’t be as enormous as we see now. Evolution does learn to get more and more information into a smaller object. We humans are just a tiny part of this evolution. 

It’s funny to know that it all started with nothing and all the knowledge and evolutions will end in a black hole consisting all ever happened and existed. So finally from 221,184 or more we get 1. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

ME (Myalgische Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

All about this disease. When it starts and how you can prevent it. But before I start talking about this disease I want to give some other information, which is important to understand things better. Specialists should be careful in making this diagnosis because it may well be possible that it is Asperger's. It's proven that a guy who was told he had the ME syndrome, 16 years ago, didn't have the ME syndrome but the Asperger's syndrome.

I start with the healthy human cells. There are many different parts in a cell, but to make it better to work with I set them in five groups. 
In group one you have all the parts of a cell that create the cell.
Group two has everything in it that has to do with the function of the cell. 
Group three is having all the information about DNA, genetics, evolution, and so on. 
In group four all the things are there to create two new healthy cells. That group does have also the information of one, two, three, four and five in it. 
Group five has everything in it to let the cell die, after two new cells are made. It also takes care to get rid of the old cell.

Wrong cells also can be adjusted to five groups:
One existence, two no function, three no function, four making two new cells with the information of one, two, three, four and five and in group five to let the cell die. Important to know here is that the wrong cell makes two new wrong cells and the old one doesn’t die. Function number five doesn’t work, but is still there.

And then are NAF’s. I won’t translate the Dutch name: Niet Actieve Foute Cellen (Not active wrong cells). It’s not allowed to translated the name, because I gave that name in a Dutch document, so the rest of the world has to work with the name NAF’s. The working of NAF’s are also in five groups, only one and five are there. So existence and die. These NAF’s will disappear within 16 months after birth of the child for at least 90% and the amount of NAF’s are before birth in week 35 approximately 100 cells.

Normally, when fertilization has occurred, the cells divide and fetal development does start. Healthy cells making new healthy cells. Many things starting to develop like the brain. I did set it on 3 weeks, but it can be a little longer, depends on several factors. I jump to week 35 when the immune system is going to develop. At the moment this system is developing, there develop some NAF’s, which have a function to get the immune system ready at the start when the baby is born. The mother also gives protection help to the unborn child. It’s just to be sure the immune system does work when then child is born. It’s possible to see those NAF’s, but knowing the cells are very small, it won’t be easy to find them on a scan.

The baby is born and as I wrote before, within 16 months 90% of the NAF’s will be killed by the immune system. These cells will do no harm to the body, unless they are on the wrong place, but then they are not responsible for getting for instance ME.

ME starts approximately two years before a human gets it. It’s the way some humans use their head and neck. We have a neck to keep our head on the body and to move the head in different ways. But our neck is not there to press our head down, for instance to eat. How many people dive into their food to get it into their mouth. Just get a table in a restaurant, order some food and watch people eating. We are no cows, but sometimes it just does look the same. A cow uses her neck to press the head down to get the grass into her mouth. Our neck isn’t built to make those kind of dives. And there’s the way we are sitting in front of our computer. Just keep that neck straight when you work.

What happens at the start of ME is that one or two NAF’s get into the lower cervical spine. What irritates and causes inflammation. It feels as if you are having the flu and your muscles are hurting. Not only that, you have a fever of 38,5 Celsius or more. In the future it should be possible by a physician to test that space if there is an inflammation. Best way to handle it right now is getting an antibiotic cure for 14 days. With a scan it’s possible to see a scarf of the inflammation. If it’s not found, there’s also no start of ME.

READ: Not every flu with this description will mean it’s the start of ME. Not every human has these NAF’s on the same spot.

The best way to prevent this syndrome is to sit on a good way at your computer. There are dozens of websites which you can look for on Google, so I won’t mention any here. And when eating you use your spoon and fork properly. Why do you think the human ever invented those? Sit straight and let your hand get the spoon or fork upwards to your mouth. Most people lose half the food from their fork or spoon but that’s because they can’t eat with them. So learn it and if you still have problems with your soup, get it in a cup and drink it. Don’t think your neck is the same as from a cow, because it isn’t, unless you want to get the chance that a NAF is next to your lower cervical spine.

No we can’t scan the world population if they make a chance of having a NAF near the lower cervical spine. There isn’t enough money to do that, so when you don’t have it, prevent getting it!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Most people see dead as a taboo and don’t want to talk about it. They are afraid. And why? The worst thing that can happen, already happened when they are born. Through a small opening to be pushed out, without anything to be able to do. Okay some are lucky and there is a cesarean. 

Just let me be clear about one thing: Every human, rich, poor, famous or not, will die. There are people who are trying to live longer but eventually they will die too. 

So I just asked some people who have fear of death, why they are afraid?
Some of them wouldn’t give me an answer, but some of them did. “I won’t wake up!” that’s normal when you’re dead and you won’t notice. “My heart will stop beating.”  That’s normal as well, your brain doesn’t need it anymore. But you won’t notice. 

You can see us human as a brain that needs stuff to work, to operate, like all kind of vitamins, oxygen, and so on. But just a brain can’t live alone, so nature developed a system which created the body and organs. The brain is the central system that can work thanks to everything in the body.  It evolves and in generations is getting better and better. As soon as live starts in the womb of the woman, it’s already known who that person will be and what his or her knowledge can become. But before the knowledge can be used, that human must grow first, develop.

I know some people who are trying to live a life as in The Secret is called. Being positive, but these people still are afraid to die. That’s a huge negative feeling which you are carrying with you while trying to be positive. In a fact I can say, you are not positive at all. 

If you have no problems in accepting that one day you will die, you are free in your feelings and you even can consider to give other people a chance to live a little longer by giving them one or more of your organs.  Most people don’t want to give their organs to other people, when they die, cause they belong to them. But why not considering to give other people a chance to live longer. It’s easy to take a donor codicil. And you are in the knowledge that some of your organs will continue life when you are dead. Must be a great feeling, don’t you think so?  Because when you are dead, everything in you will die and will have no meaning at all to humankind unless you give some of your organs away. 

I’m against suicide but in some cases I could approve it, when people are suffering in pain by a disease or when they are convinced that they don’t want to get demented or get Alzheimer. But that decision must be overthought carefully and talked over with family, friends and physicians.  People who are having problems with life because of money or whatever, have no excuses to make an end to their lives. 

“And how about you Mr. Gé Henning? Do you have a donor codicil?”
Yes and no. After my death my brain will go to the Netherlands Brain Bank in Amsterdam, because of my Klinefelter syndrome and now also for me being gifted with all kinds of scientific knowledge.  My body will go to the AMC university. I did consider this already in the last century and it’s in my last will. 

I didn’t write this article to make you consider giving your organs away after you die. I only wrote it to tell you, that it happens to all of us and that there’s no reason to be afraid of. You have more chance of winning a price in the lottery then that something worse is going to happen that will end your life. While writing this it pops into my mind it can be a reason that you die of winning the lottery. Your heart can’t manage the stress feeling which is coming to you. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Once in 300,000* years the magnetic field of our earth changes. So North is going South and South is going North. This happens to cure the Earth. It sounds crazy but it isn't. The powers which it is getting from all the other planets in our Universe and the destructive way nature is doing its job on Earth are basic to this change. Therefore the Moon is getting smaller. As we know, the Moon has its influence on the water which is on our planet. It's taking care of tides. Because of the changing magnetic field on our Earth even Mars is getting smaller. I guess NASA or another company will find that out in some time from now. Jupiter and Venus are getting bigger. This all happens to keep our galaxy balanced. Once the magnetic field is switched the Moon will get bigger again, as Mars and Jupiter and Venus are getting smaller. 

It won't have any effect on the human or any other life on our planet. It happened before. The human does exist already for eight million years (mentioned from the first basics). See my article The Beginning of Life for more information.

Companies like NASA will discover there's life on other planets, because there is life on other planets. Those planets created our Earth. And when they will find life on Europa (a moon of Jupiter) and they will, our future will change. We will learn how to survive under water, without oxygen systems as we know now. It will be in a complete other form. And that can give us solutions to better food production which our Earth can give. It's not only fish that is in the water, there's a lot more to find.

*The last one before this change was 780,000 years ago but on average it’s 300,000 years. If you look at it carefully you might see approximately a period of 480,000 year occurred. I got those figures from Nasa, so it might be possible that we are now at 180,000 of 300,000. But I can be wrong. Lucky me, I'm a human and I can make mistakes. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Wednesday morning, very early, my brain was very active. Too active, if I may say so. So I got out of bed, started the PC and coffee machine, and started typing.

For a while, now, I have been trying to figure out how I can get enormous figures into smaller figures. First, I did work with decimals, but when I look into space and go back in time, there were no decimals and not even figures. That’s something we people created. I looked on the internet about pi, did read the article ten times, but there was no connection in my brain. I do remember from my past having mathematics and algebra but the figure I got for those was an average of three.

It was absolutely not my intention to come to the smallest basic element we humans know and on which they tell it can’t be split into smaller elements. With the knowledge I have from the start of the basic universe, I just bumped into that element. The smallest basic element can be split into another smaller element, which I gave the name to my professor. That element has 1 negative and 3 positive elements.  And the human never will be able to split the elements in there, but I can tell you they are created by the two smallest elements that ever did exist, which I call the 0 and the 1 element.

I did inform some people about this knowledge and also contacted a scientist, but as always, their holiday days are here. Scientists still must research my knowledge, but I give them some opportunities to get that smallest element split. It means – when they do that – they can go back in time for 50 billion years. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Curious as always I started some research about the knowledge that’s in my brain. Having a method of curing people with Cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson, MS, ME and HIV/Aids.

Started to make a search in the family tree. Much information on the internet isn’t right but after searching for approximately four hours I found some clues.

Heredity! Things that are in the genes don’t always come into the next generation. It can happen that several generations will be skipped before it shows the knowledge. So I did some search in our family tree and of course also on what my parents told me in the past. Three brothers from Denmark went to Holland, but one of them decided to go to America.

My dream, which I had from 2006 till 2010, told me that I was giving lectures on Harvard and many other universities in the world. So Google: Professor Henning Harvard University learns there’s indeed a professor with that name on Harvard. I was also helping to cure a woman at Sydney’s hospital: Professor Henning Sydney learns the same. Even in 1768 there was a professor Henning in Denmark. Only in Denmark the name Henning is often used as a first name.

Let’s try: Professor G. Henning on Google!

There’s one: George Henning MD. Dr. Henning joined the medical staff at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor in 2004. He is board certified in Radiation Oncology by the American Board of Radiology. Previously, he was a faculty member at the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Dr. Henning completed his residency in Radiation Oncology at the Mayo Clinic.

So the knowledge I have, should have been with one of the other Henning’s, but it didn’t so I just fight and will bring my knowledge to the world. It does work, believe, it does! Because of my syndrome (Klinefelter) I never will be able to set new Henning’s on this world. It’s up to me to set the knowledge up this world and to make sure humankind will be cured from many diseases.

If you are professor George Henning MD, please contact me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sometimes I really wish I had a pimple on my nose. I could go to my doctor and he would see it and perhaps have a way to remove it. But no, I don’t have a pimple on my nose. 
Nope instead of a pimple on my nose I’m gifted with medical knowledge. A method which can cure several diseases. A complete knowledge how the syndrome of ME starts and why people can get it. A knowledge about the control of the glands from a defined territory in the brain and several methods to create a better knowledge in the human brain. 
My knowledge is improving every day and showing me how things work in the brain and how cells are able to interact with the brain. I can even see my own body in complete darkness: my hands, my arms, body and legs. Nothing else, so no clothing or furniture.  I can look into humans, even when they are a far distance from me. Have no idea why this is in my brain. I won’t use it.

There are only a few people who support me in my thoughts and work, besides a lot of people around the world who also believe in me, like the followers on my Twitter account. 
Last year I did contact the American government and asked about what they think about new science. Guess what? No answer. I wrote to Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, etcetera but I never received an answer. Not a chance to find a place for my method. The Erasmus University in Rotterdam was interested but had no money. Still waiting for an answer from the University of Amsterdam (UVA), will come soon but I guess the problem is also the money. I contacted the University of Gent in Belgium, perhaps they can help me. I contacted professor Figdor in Nijmegen, no answer. Professor Christine Dijkstra VUMC, nothing. And Philips Healthcare. No answer. I wrote to several professors but only professor Dick Swaab has responded and is supporting me as well as my doctor.

Never got an answer from J.P. Balkenende. Wrote to Mark Rutte and got an answer from The Government. They informed me that the prime minister could not answer on such a question but I was allowed to visit any scientific center with my method.

EUR 100 million transferred from the budget for scientific research at universities to the budget of the NWO. It’s just a part of the answer I got from a political party. And the NWO subsidizes only top researchers.

So I would have been better off with a pimple on my nose. Or just being a lunatic. Who cares?
I won’t stop fighting; if necessary I will get this in the media, if it’s not already there by this article. 

I’m not looking for people who want to get rich on my method. My motto is not to earn money on sick people. So you can invest in the future health of people but don’t think it will make you rich. 

Friday, February 4, 2011


This test is serious and it is necessary to do it seriously to achieve results. If you only read this article / test it will not have an effect on your brain. So you have to do it in real life with a sheet of paper and an envelope.

You will need:
(1) An empty table
(2) One piece of white paper A4 (210 x 297 mm) or whatever you can find
(3) One envelope with the size of maximum a quarter of the paper

Put the envelope and the piece of paper in front of you on the table.

Get into a comfortable position, your arms resting on the table but not near the objects.

Look at the objects and see in your brain how the piece of paper could get into the envelope. Approximately for 1 minute. Then try to see the folding in the paper – which is not there - to get it into the envelope, but do it only in your brain. Also for 1 minute.

You can put the paper and the envelope away. You don't need them anymore.

Do try to think about what you did with the envelope and piece of paper sometimes. Not too often, once a day is enough. Wait for 7 till 10 days before you get this method in action.

After the period of waiting, go to a supermarket. Before you enter the market, think of the envelope and piece of paper. Take a price in your mind, for instance one dollar. Go into the market and buy only things that are one dollar and you will notice your brain is steering you to walk only to those places towards items that cost one dollar.

If this doesn't work, try it another time with another price. After some months you will discover it's all getting much easier in shopping. You even can calculate the total price of your shopping before entering the supermarket.

What's happening in your brain when you do this test?
Your brain starts to calculate how to get the piece of paper into the envelope. When you are not thinking anymore about this activity your brain is still at work somewhere in the background. While calculating it can easy calculate other things, like finding only products that cost one dollar. The more you do it, the easier it gets
If it doesn't work with you, not a problem, you tried and you are still a unique person. You have nothing to lose.

If it works you are allowed to teach other people this method, but not for money.

*Prices are mostly 0.98 0.99 1.01 1.02 – Figure out yourself what the margin should be, but don't make it too big. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis)

This disease is active in the central nerve system and it starts as an inflammation of the lower cervical vertebrae. Near the lower cervical vertebrae there are wrong cells. This can been seen at birth of a child. But when you see these cells it doesn't mean the person will get ME. When, for an unknown reason, those wrong cells start making a cluster, an inflammation starts and it grows upwards. That spot is having effects on the central nerve system in the brain. The inflammation ends but not the ME. The damage has been done.

Since a couple of weeks my brain is working with information to find the inflammation when its there. Physicians can spot it with the use of a small object. My brain is still working on it how it has to work. I will publish more information as soon as it all has been sorted out.