Saturday, August 6, 2011


Most people see dead as a taboo and don’t want to talk about it. They are afraid. And why? The worst thing that can happen, already happened when they are born. Through a small opening to be pushed out, without anything to be able to do. Okay some are lucky and there is a cesarean. 

Just let me be clear about one thing: Every human, rich, poor, famous or not, will die. There are people who are trying to live longer but eventually they will die too. 

So I just asked some people who have fear of death, why they are afraid?
Some of them wouldn’t give me an answer, but some of them did. “I won’t wake up!” that’s normal when you’re dead and you won’t notice. “My heart will stop beating.”  That’s normal as well, your brain doesn’t need it anymore. But you won’t notice. 

You can see us human as a brain that needs stuff to work, to operate, like all kind of vitamins, oxygen, and so on. But just a brain can’t live alone, so nature developed a system which created the body and organs. The brain is the central system that can work thanks to everything in the body.  It evolves and in generations is getting better and better. As soon as live starts in the womb of the woman, it’s already known who that person will be and what his or her knowledge can become. But before the knowledge can be used, that human must grow first, develop.

I know some people who are trying to live a life as in The Secret is called. Being positive, but these people still are afraid to die. That’s a huge negative feeling which you are carrying with you while trying to be positive. In a fact I can say, you are not positive at all. 

If you have no problems in accepting that one day you will die, you are free in your feelings and you even can consider to give other people a chance to live a little longer by giving them one or more of your organs.  Most people don’t want to give their organs to other people, when they die, cause they belong to them. But why not considering to give other people a chance to live longer. It’s easy to take a donor codicil. And you are in the knowledge that some of your organs will continue life when you are dead. Must be a great feeling, don’t you think so?  Because when you are dead, everything in you will die and will have no meaning at all to humankind unless you give some of your organs away. 

I’m against suicide but in some cases I could approve it, when people are suffering in pain by a disease or when they are convinced that they don’t want to get demented or get Alzheimer. But that decision must be overthought carefully and talked over with family, friends and physicians.  People who are having problems with life because of money or whatever, have no excuses to make an end to their lives. 

“And how about you Mr. Gé Henning? Do you have a donor codicil?”
Yes and no. After my death my brain will go to the Netherlands Brain Bank in Amsterdam, because of my Klinefelter syndrome and now also for me being gifted with all kinds of scientific knowledge.  My body will go to the AMC university. I did consider this already in the last century and it’s in my last will. 

I didn’t write this article to make you consider giving your organs away after you die. I only wrote it to tell you, that it happens to all of us and that there’s no reason to be afraid of. You have more chance of winning a price in the lottery then that something worse is going to happen that will end your life. While writing this it pops into my mind it can be a reason that you die of winning the lottery. Your heart can’t manage the stress feeling which is coming to you. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sometimes I really wish I had a pimple on my nose. I could go to my doctor and he would see it and perhaps have a way to remove it. But no, I don’t have a pimple on my nose. 
Nope instead of a pimple on my nose I’m gifted with medical knowledge. A method which can cure several diseases. A complete knowledge how the syndrome of ME starts and why people can get it. A knowledge about the control of the glands from a defined territory in the brain and several methods to create a better knowledge in the human brain. 
My knowledge is improving every day and showing me how things work in the brain and how cells are able to interact with the brain. I can even see my own body in complete darkness: my hands, my arms, body and legs. Nothing else, so no clothing or furniture.  I can look into humans, even when they are a far distance from me. Have no idea why this is in my brain. I won’t use it.

There are only a few people who support me in my thoughts and work, besides a lot of people around the world who also believe in me, like the followers on my Twitter account. 
Last year I did contact the American government and asked about what they think about new science. Guess what? No answer. I wrote to Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, etcetera but I never received an answer. Not a chance to find a place for my method. The Erasmus University in Rotterdam was interested but had no money. Still waiting for an answer from the University of Amsterdam (UVA), will come soon but I guess the problem is also the money. I contacted the University of Gent in Belgium, perhaps they can help me. I contacted professor Figdor in Nijmegen, no answer. Professor Christine Dijkstra VUMC, nothing. And Philips Healthcare. No answer. I wrote to several professors but only professor Dick Swaab has responded and is supporting me as well as my doctor.

Never got an answer from J.P. Balkenende. Wrote to Mark Rutte and got an answer from The Government. They informed me that the prime minister could not answer on such a question but I was allowed to visit any scientific center with my method.

EUR 100 million transferred from the budget for scientific research at universities to the budget of the NWO. It’s just a part of the answer I got from a political party. And the NWO subsidizes only top researchers.

So I would have been better off with a pimple on my nose. Or just being a lunatic. Who cares?
I won’t stop fighting; if necessary I will get this in the media, if it’s not already there by this article. 

I’m not looking for people who want to get rich on my method. My motto is not to earn money on sick people. So you can invest in the future health of people but don’t think it will make you rich.