Friday, December 17, 2010


As I wrote in my article “Bucket of Water” I always go to the source. The place where a disease starts. It is not always easy to find out what the source might be, but searching for it always will be rewarded.
When I look to the diseases that are a part of my method, I can determine and connect some of them to a special part in the human brain where something is going wrong. All glands in the human body get their task to produce from the brain. With my knowledge I managed to find the right place in the brain where those tasks are given. It is partly in the left brain half and partly in the right brain half. On the left, the less essential tasks (letting sweat glands work and so on) and on the right the essentials tasks, like making dopamine. I can see it as the software for the human. And as in software there can be little mistakes, which will give problems in the human body: less dopamine for Alzheimer's and Parkinson or less myelin that is giving problems with MS. With my method those problems can be cured in an easy way for less money.

I documented exactly the place where this source can be found in the brain and I also documented and wrote down a test, which proves my theory. I sent it to the University of Amsterdam as a sample about my knowledge, so hoping that I finally can get my method to the university.

For this moment I'm taking care of myself. Doing things on half speed. Problems with my body prevent me from doing all things I want to do. I'm even thinking of stopping with my fighting to find the right place for my method to cure millions of people in the world. The only reason for that is that some important people in this world don't want people to be cured and have a healthy life. They only think of money and making war. Must say, that's less important then healthy and happy people. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


You might think: “What an idiot name for a medical subject!” but trust me, you will understand me more then you might think now.

I compare diseases with a bucket of water. This bucket has a tiny hole, through which little drops of water leak out. There are people who don't make it a problem and fill the bucket with more water. In real life they take supplements for a problem in their health and that will work for some time. Other people decide to make a more thorough decision, they place a piece of tape on the hole and in real life you can see it that they are going to a GP, who gives them medication for the problems that are there. Trust me, the water will eventually come trough the tape. There are people who ask for better help and the hole in the bucket is better fixed. Specialists can see what is happening and they can cure the problems to certain point. Not every disease is curable.

That’s not enough for me.  I don't only fix the tiny hole in the bucket, I also want to know how it got there and how I will prevent that it will happen again.

As some of us know, MS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is a problem in the central nerve system. The coating of the nerves (some call it white material) is to dissolve and thereby disappear. The nerves will not be protected anymore and will break off into dust / pieces. I know there is a Latin name for this white material, but I can't find it in my brain at this moment. There is something wrong with the production of the white material.

Looking at Parkinson’s, there are problems with dopamine production, which has influences the muscles and also nerves. Specialists from all over the world are looking for solutions. Of course, there are more reasons for getting this terrible disease. And Alzheimer's is in my opinion the most terrible disease a human can get. Yes I know, all diseases are terrible, but when I see what happens to the brain, it's just horrific scenario. The brain is shrinking. The problem is also with the dopamine production.

The first thing I learned in January this year was go back to the source. It was meant figuratively on the first place, but I saw it literally. So I did look at things, like glass. Where does it come from? From sand, and that comes from rocks and so on. I did this with aluminum, iron and plastic. During the months of working on my method I finally found the reason why all of this was in my brain: “Find the source!”

The chance I had to work with my right brain half, traveling through the energy field that is surrounding us, manipulating energy and more, were all meaning for me to go back to the source, the place where something starts.

So I found the source of mostly all problems in the brain. It's somewhere near the Central Sulcus. I hear you think: “Not my cup of tea!” You're right, it's my cup of tea.

I'm advocating for your future health and also for the people who have a disease right now… nothing more and nothing less.