Friday, October 15, 2010


Universe is existing out of energy. If there was no energy there would be no universe, so we wouldn't exist.
All planets in solar systems and even the solar systems are existing out of energy and that energy is positive. Positive energy takes care of positive actions, which will keep our earth on place in our solar system. For the time being of course, because eventually our solar system will disappear, but that will take still a period of 16 billion years and we humans won't live that long. Humankind will end in a smaller period then that, approximately over 1100 years from now. The intelligent human isn't needed anymore to make knowledge growing better. Eventually the human will end its existence by its own knowledge.
Nothing to be afraid of, it's far beyond our existence.

The universe has its energy in which all solar systems have their own energy. They are sharing the energy. In our solar system we are sharing the energy with the other planets. This is a reason why all planets are staying on their place. There are changes, as we heard on the news, that the moon is getting smaller, but that is only temporarily. The reason for being a little smaller is to give the earth a chance to heal itself.
It's known that the plus pole is turning down from the North pole to the South pole. And the min pole from the South to the North. To keep the earth healthy its necessary that the moon gets a little smaller. Because the moon is having effects on water on our planet. When the moon is staying big, the earth never could change its poles. If we look better in our solar system we will see that also the other planets are changing. All positive actions to create positive reactions.

On the earth we see actions with energy, like thunder storms, but I can say everything in nature is positive energy. This energy Is sharing with our solar system. And its all positive. When there is a big rock flying through space, we experience that as negative. We are afraid. But the reason why that rock is flying through space is positive. People always will be afraid that their life will end, but it isn't necessary to be. If you stay positive you end up in the positive energy of the universe.

We humans are individuals with each a energy form. We are sharing our energy with the energy surrounding us and with people we like. But still we are individuals and we will stay individuals. As long as you stay positive you will notice positive actions and reactions. You just live your life with a body to feed your energy which will share its knowledge with the energy field surrounding us.

As soon as you are being negative, negative energy is coming your way. Specially from people who are unbelievers. Who don't believe in the possibility of being rewarded for when you are positive. From people who can't be honest and only want power.

Belief me, having a positive life doesn't cost you any money. The positive energy is there for us to use and to enjoy. There are people who try to earn money by helping you to be positive and to experience positive energy, but you can do that yourself. Just be honest to yourself and to others. Always feel that being positive will be rewarded with positive reactions.

Why did I call this article “Don't”?
For the fact which I'm going to write this moment: You are born for a reason and living a life on this earth. It isn't always easy but that is how life works. It is to develop knowledge which you share with the universe. As long as you live, you are sharing your energy with the universe. The positive life. But when you end your life, because you can't find a solution to what problem there might be, you ain't sharing energy with universe and you never will be one with the energy field. The universe.

Don't talk having pain. I have since 1999 a painful left side on my body. It can't be cured and I gave it a place in my life. You may know it can hurt like hell, but still I can manage it and it never will be a reason for me to end my life. I will stay on this earth till I'm 100 years old. Then my brain goes to the Dutch Brain bank and my body to the university. That is going to happen because I know I can.

I can understand that there are people who are seeing a wall and don't know how to get on the other side. But trust me, walk to the left and the right, you will find a door to the other side. Ask specialists for help if necessary but never have the wish to die. Life is such a special moment for every human. Live it positive and enjoy it. Read in stead of walking left and right: Be positive! It's easy, because what I can, you can!