Monday, September 27, 2010


Most people don’t know, but there’s energy everywhere. 

Typing this article is using and replacing energy. My fingers find their way on the keyboard by instructions of the brain by using energy. But pressing the keys is also replacing energy.
You can feel the energy which you are creating yourself by waving softly with one hand over another, without touching it. You might say: “Yes I’m replacing air!” True but you are also replacing energy. With the energy you replace the air.

We are individuals in the energy field. When we die, we become one with the energy field that is surrounding us. 
I must say, when we die a natural dead. Because when you force yourself to end your life, you end up in the lower part of the energy field and I can’t say if it’s nice there because I ain’t going to investigate. 
For me it’s possible to visit the energy field with my right brain half and I only play or be in the green part. There’s a red flow and black flow. For my feeling those colors aren’t well so I never visit them. There are also light blue flows, these come into new life forms.

It’s nice to see how all those energy forms make one free feeling possible and it’s nice we can feel that just in our life. 

Being honest to our self and to others. Standing open for receiving positive energy and try to guide negative energy away from yourself. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I don't heal people with my brain.

The knowledge I have to cure people is a system which can be used to cure a person. The system – which must be build – does work together with the human brain.
Therefore I want the knowledge I have about this system and how it's working, to be investigated at a university. I can explain how it works, what the effects are on the patient. The method is not published on the Internet to prevent abuse.

Some people think I can cure people with my brain, but that's not the method I'm talking about. Perhaps one day I can. I'm already able to have influence on nature from a long distance. Using the energy field that is surrounding us I'm able to do things on a distance. But this moment I have no idea why I can do this and so I only do it to enjoy myself. And sometimes to help a friend.