Thursday, August 12, 2010


Many people don’t sleep well. Ask yourself, when you have this problem: Do I sleep well?

What can be the reason?
There are many factors that can cause a bad sleep, one of the most known is looking television or working on the computer and then going to bed.
When you look television or you work on your computer, your brain has to process a lot of information and when you are in bed, the information is still processed, even when you are thinking of something else.
The reason for us to go to sleep is, that our body can reload with new energy. Our brain is very active in that. But if you charge your brains with lots of information, then that information first must be processed before your brain can start working with your body.

So be smart and stop your activities on looking to television and or computer at least half an hour before you go to bed.

In bed, you first go lay on your back. Feel the bed in your back. Look in the darkness of the room to a spot you might recognize and then close your eyes. After some time open your eyes and try to find that spot again. You will feel you don’t want to, because you are tired so you can take the position you prefer to fall asleep.

Another reason for bad sleeping is your bed. Many people just buy a bed online, without knowing how it’s feeling when you are in the bed. A comfortable chair is known, but a comfortable bed is very important. Most of the time you are more then a quarter of the day in that bed, so it would be nice if that bed just fit your body.

When you take the time, going to bed and be relaxed, you can do a little test. Before going to sleep take three numbers in your mind under 20. Go to sleep and the next morning you can remember the three numbers. The trick to that is, that those three numbers were the last information which you gave to your brain. So these numbers are the first your brain will see.

Sleep well, don’t worry. Be positive and always honest. Then you will sleep as a prince.