Monday, July 5, 2010


Three months ago I got a mail from a guy with the question: “Can you cure me from cancer and can you learn me to be positive?”

I answered his mail by telling that I can’t cure people, only that I’m having methods in my brain that need to be investigated and developed on universities. And learning to be positive ain’t difficult, because when you are born you are loaded with positive energy.

He went to a weekly therapy group and had to pay $ 50.00 each time he came. And a man was teaching him to be positive. But the most fun he had from that therapy was going afterwards with the people in the group to the pub. Must say, that’s an expensive drink.

It doesn’t cost you any money to get positive. It only takes some time, but that ain’t a problem. I don’t want money for my advise. The man couldn’t believe it that I wasn’t asking money for helping him.

We made an agreement. I was going to help him to be positive and he was going to use the $ 50.00 to give his wife flowers and other nice stuff.

First of all, be honest to yourself and others. Don’t lie. It’s much easier to live if you are honest, you don’t have to remember your lies.

Write down all the things you can’t and pick them one by one and see them positively. Try to stop with saying: “I can’t” cause you can.

Can’t pay the taxes
No you can pay the taxes, only not the way they want you to. So you contact them and tell about your situation and there always will be a solution.

I’m having cancer, I won’t live long anymore
Is your cancer diagnosed in hospital by specialists?
No I have seen articles on the Internet and I feel that I have it.
My advise is to ask an opinion in hospital and even when you have cancer it doesn’t mean it will be the end of your life. If you are positive you can be cured with help of the hospital and by yourself.

My wife is always angry at me when I’m tweeting
Don’t tweet all the time. Make sure you have time for other things, like talking with your wife.

I’ve problems with my job
Figure out what the problems are and talk about them with your boss. He will understand.

Always think positive and when negative things are coming on your way, handle them with positive thoughts.

If you are always negative, negative energy will come on your path. But if you are positive most of the time positive energy will come on your path and even when something isn’t positive you can handle it with positive thoughts.

The problem with the taxes was solved. The problem with the cancer was solved. He did not have cancer but a problem with his intestines that was easy to remedy. He changed his tweet habit and took more time for things like talking to his wife. His boss didn’t want to hear him about the work he was doing, so he found another job that was more pleasant. And he changed some other things which I don’t mention here.

I asked him if I could mention the situation as a sample on my blog and he agreed. But I didn’t use his name or location.

That doesn’t mean you all must start writing to me because you want to be positive. Just start with being honest to yourself and others. Say to yourself: “I can do this ...” and “I won’t let negative things be in my way ...” and when they come on your path, try to see why it happens and be strong enough to stand above them. I know you can!

It also can happen that I don’t answer your mail. That’s not negative, but I don’t always have time to answer them.