Friday, May 14, 2010


In 2006 I started to have prophetic dreams. The reason was unknown. One of those dreams was in English. Strange for me cause I am a Dutch guy and at that moment with less knowledge of English. The dream told me that I could do things, which I can't do in normal life. 90 Percent of my prophetic dreams came out, but my English dream didn't and because of what was in, I didn't talk about it with friends and doctors. I managed with help of a good friend, to stop the prophetic dreams. Except the English one didn't stop.

In October 2009 I started to write features for film, television and new media and I published them on a blog.
I decided in December 2009 that I had to do something with this strange dream, which I had for almost four years now.

In January 2010 I wrote a mail to professor Allan Snyder, Centre of the Mind, Sydney University, about my strange dream: I was giving lectures on many universities and became awarded on Harvard University. I could even cure a woman with a brain tumor. I was able to discover my brain was changing. The dream was longer, but that is not important to write down here.

In February 2010 I wrote a mail to professor Dick Swaab, Neurobiology UVA, AMC Amsterdam and he gave me fast an answer: Extended and impressive. Also an answer from professor Snyder. But he had no time to assist me but wished me good luck with puzzling it out.
I also did write to professor Brian Little (his name was in my dream) at Harvard University. I wrote him twice, because I didn't get any response. I wrote to the president of Harvard University and to the department of neurobiology.

I asked my GP if I was getting crazy and he told me that I had to continue. From Harvard University I didn't get any answer. But I noticed, every time when I wrote, they checked my blogs. Strange, people who were in disbelief and decided not to send my mails to the persons which I mentioned in the mails.

I wrote down my dream in an English paper. In Dutch was not possible, cause every time I tried, I did get an headache. When I was ready with writing I noticed my dream told me, that it was a method to cure people from cancer. Daily my dream got more meanings and I could make it more precise.

In March 2010 my paper came at a Dutch University but it was very silent for some time. In April I wrote professor Swaab again and he was interested in my paper. Also a professor in America was interested in what was happening in my brain. Because several professors were not on their university they could not start working with it. It's also difficult of the availability of budgets.

On May 7, 2010 I wrote a mail to professor Jill Bolte Taylor, she is famous about her Stroke of Insight.

I'm able to use my right brain half for getting more knowledge on curing diseases. I can write methods that will cure cells in a human body. The methods are not published on the Internet to prevent abuse. The information in the methods is even not to be found on the Internet. The method doesn't use medication, radiation or chemo and is a pleasant way to use.

My plans are first to get my GH-method in the Netherlands on a university. There are now two universities informed about my method. Two other universities are informed about my brainactivities. It's not known yet if my method works, it first has to be investigated with universities.

The GH-method that will cure cancer.

A project in which we can invent a method for preventing cancer for next generations.

Planned university (city known) Belgium. Method of curing / preventing Alzheimer.

Planned university (city known) USA. Method of curing / preventing Parkinson.

MS and ME*
Planned university (city known) France. Method of curing / preventing MS and ME.

Planned university (city known) Germany. Method of curing HIV.

Later in 2010 I will discover that the knowledge was all my life in my brain and the dream was there to let me get it out to the world.

*These methods will start as soon as the first method is started.