Friday, December 17, 2010


As I wrote in my article “Bucket of Water” I always go to the source. The place where a disease starts. It is not always easy to find out what the source might be, but searching for it always will be rewarded.
When I look to the diseases that are a part of my method, I can determine and connect some of them to a special part in the human brain where something is going wrong. All glands in the human body get their task to produce from the brain. With my knowledge I managed to find the right place in the brain where those tasks are given. It is partly in the left brain half and partly in the right brain half. On the left, the less essential tasks (letting sweat glands work and so on) and on the right the essentials tasks, like making dopamine. I can see it as the software for the human. And as in software there can be little mistakes, which will give problems in the human body: less dopamine for Alzheimer's and Parkinson or less myelin that is giving problems with MS. With my method those problems can be cured in an easy way for less money.

I documented exactly the place where this source can be found in the brain and I also documented and wrote down a test, which proves my theory. I sent it to the University of Amsterdam as a sample about my knowledge, so hoping that I finally can get my method to the university.

For this moment I'm taking care of myself. Doing things on half speed. Problems with my body prevent me from doing all things I want to do. I'm even thinking of stopping with my fighting to find the right place for my method to cure millions of people in the world. The only reason for that is that some important people in this world don't want people to be cured and have a healthy life. They only think of money and making war. Must say, that's less important then healthy and happy people. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


You might think: “What an idiot name for a medical subject!” but trust me, you will understand me more then you might think now.

I compare diseases with a bucket of water. This bucket has a tiny hole, through which little drops of water leak out. There are people who don't make it a problem and fill the bucket with more water. In real life they take supplements for a problem in their health and that will work for some time. Other people decide to make a more thorough decision, they place a piece of tape on the hole and in real life you can see it that they are going to a GP, who gives them medication for the problems that are there. Trust me, the water will eventually come trough the tape. There are people who ask for better help and the hole in the bucket is better fixed. Specialists can see what is happening and they can cure the problems to certain point. Not every disease is curable.

That’s not enough for me.  I don't only fix the tiny hole in the bucket, I also want to know how it got there and how I will prevent that it will happen again.

As some of us know, MS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) is a problem in the central nerve system. The coating of the nerves (some call it white material) is to dissolve and thereby disappear. The nerves will not be protected anymore and will break off into dust / pieces. I know there is a Latin name for this white material, but I can't find it in my brain at this moment. There is something wrong with the production of the white material.

Looking at Parkinson’s, there are problems with dopamine production, which has influences the muscles and also nerves. Specialists from all over the world are looking for solutions. Of course, there are more reasons for getting this terrible disease. And Alzheimer's is in my opinion the most terrible disease a human can get. Yes I know, all diseases are terrible, but when I see what happens to the brain, it's just horrific scenario. The brain is shrinking. The problem is also with the dopamine production.

The first thing I learned in January this year was go back to the source. It was meant figuratively on the first place, but I saw it literally. So I did look at things, like glass. Where does it come from? From sand, and that comes from rocks and so on. I did this with aluminum, iron and plastic. During the months of working on my method I finally found the reason why all of this was in my brain: “Find the source!”

The chance I had to work with my right brain half, traveling through the energy field that is surrounding us, manipulating energy and more, were all meaning for me to go back to the source, the place where something starts.

So I found the source of mostly all problems in the brain. It's somewhere near the Central Sulcus. I hear you think: “Not my cup of tea!” You're right, it's my cup of tea.

I'm advocating for your future health and also for the people who have a disease right now… nothing more and nothing less.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Universe is existing out of energy. If there was no energy there would be no universe, so we wouldn't exist.
All planets in solar systems and even the solar systems are existing out of energy and that energy is positive. Positive energy takes care of positive actions, which will keep our earth on place in our solar system. For the time being of course, because eventually our solar system will disappear, but that will take still a period of 16 billion years and we humans won't live that long. Humankind will end in a smaller period then that, approximately over 1100 years from now. The intelligent human isn't needed anymore to make knowledge growing better. Eventually the human will end its existence by its own knowledge.
Nothing to be afraid of, it's far beyond our existence.

The universe has its energy in which all solar systems have their own energy. They are sharing the energy. In our solar system we are sharing the energy with the other planets. This is a reason why all planets are staying on their place. There are changes, as we heard on the news, that the moon is getting smaller, but that is only temporarily. The reason for being a little smaller is to give the earth a chance to heal itself.
It's known that the plus pole is turning down from the North pole to the South pole. And the min pole from the South to the North. To keep the earth healthy its necessary that the moon gets a little smaller. Because the moon is having effects on water on our planet. When the moon is staying big, the earth never could change its poles. If we look better in our solar system we will see that also the other planets are changing. All positive actions to create positive reactions.

On the earth we see actions with energy, like thunder storms, but I can say everything in nature is positive energy. This energy Is sharing with our solar system. And its all positive. When there is a big rock flying through space, we experience that as negative. We are afraid. But the reason why that rock is flying through space is positive. People always will be afraid that their life will end, but it isn't necessary to be. If you stay positive you end up in the positive energy of the universe.

We humans are individuals with each a energy form. We are sharing our energy with the energy surrounding us and with people we like. But still we are individuals and we will stay individuals. As long as you stay positive you will notice positive actions and reactions. You just live your life with a body to feed your energy which will share its knowledge with the energy field surrounding us.

As soon as you are being negative, negative energy is coming your way. Specially from people who are unbelievers. Who don't believe in the possibility of being rewarded for when you are positive. From people who can't be honest and only want power.

Belief me, having a positive life doesn't cost you any money. The positive energy is there for us to use and to enjoy. There are people who try to earn money by helping you to be positive and to experience positive energy, but you can do that yourself. Just be honest to yourself and to others. Always feel that being positive will be rewarded with positive reactions.

Why did I call this article “Don't”?
For the fact which I'm going to write this moment: You are born for a reason and living a life on this earth. It isn't always easy but that is how life works. It is to develop knowledge which you share with the universe. As long as you live, you are sharing your energy with the universe. The positive life. But when you end your life, because you can't find a solution to what problem there might be, you ain't sharing energy with universe and you never will be one with the energy field. The universe.

Don't talk having pain. I have since 1999 a painful left side on my body. It can't be cured and I gave it a place in my life. You may know it can hurt like hell, but still I can manage it and it never will be a reason for me to end my life. I will stay on this earth till I'm 100 years old. Then my brain goes to the Dutch Brain bank and my body to the university. That is going to happen because I know I can.

I can understand that there are people who are seeing a wall and don't know how to get on the other side. But trust me, walk to the left and the right, you will find a door to the other side. Ask specialists for help if necessary but never have the wish to die. Life is such a special moment for every human. Live it positive and enjoy it. Read in stead of walking left and right: Be positive! It's easy, because what I can, you can!

Monday, September 27, 2010


Most people don’t know, but there’s energy everywhere. 

Typing this article is using and replacing energy. My fingers find their way on the keyboard by instructions of the brain by using energy. But pressing the keys is also replacing energy.
You can feel the energy which you are creating yourself by waving softly with one hand over another, without touching it. You might say: “Yes I’m replacing air!” True but you are also replacing energy. With the energy you replace the air.

We are individuals in the energy field. When we die, we become one with the energy field that is surrounding us. 
I must say, when we die a natural dead. Because when you force yourself to end your life, you end up in the lower part of the energy field and I can’t say if it’s nice there because I ain’t going to investigate. 
For me it’s possible to visit the energy field with my right brain half and I only play or be in the green part. There’s a red flow and black flow. For my feeling those colors aren’t well so I never visit them. There are also light blue flows, these come into new life forms.

It’s nice to see how all those energy forms make one free feeling possible and it’s nice we can feel that just in our life. 

Being honest to our self and to others. Standing open for receiving positive energy and try to guide negative energy away from yourself. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I don't heal people with my brain.

The knowledge I have to cure people is a system which can be used to cure a person. The system – which must be build – does work together with the human brain.
Therefore I want the knowledge I have about this system and how it's working, to be investigated at a university. I can explain how it works, what the effects are on the patient. The method is not published on the Internet to prevent abuse.

Some people think I can cure people with my brain, but that's not the method I'm talking about. Perhaps one day I can. I'm already able to have influence on nature from a long distance. Using the energy field that is surrounding us I'm able to do things on a distance. But this moment I have no idea why I can do this and so I only do it to enjoy myself. And sometimes to help a friend.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Many people don’t sleep well. Ask yourself, when you have this problem: Do I sleep well?

What can be the reason?
There are many factors that can cause a bad sleep, one of the most known is looking television or working on the computer and then going to bed.
When you look television or you work on your computer, your brain has to process a lot of information and when you are in bed, the information is still processed, even when you are thinking of something else.
The reason for us to go to sleep is, that our body can reload with new energy. Our brain is very active in that. But if you charge your brains with lots of information, then that information first must be processed before your brain can start working with your body.

So be smart and stop your activities on looking to television and or computer at least half an hour before you go to bed.

In bed, you first go lay on your back. Feel the bed in your back. Look in the darkness of the room to a spot you might recognize and then close your eyes. After some time open your eyes and try to find that spot again. You will feel you don’t want to, because you are tired so you can take the position you prefer to fall asleep.

Another reason for bad sleeping is your bed. Many people just buy a bed online, without knowing how it’s feeling when you are in the bed. A comfortable chair is known, but a comfortable bed is very important. Most of the time you are more then a quarter of the day in that bed, so it would be nice if that bed just fit your body.

When you take the time, going to bed and be relaxed, you can do a little test. Before going to sleep take three numbers in your mind under 20. Go to sleep and the next morning you can remember the three numbers. The trick to that is, that those three numbers were the last information which you gave to your brain. So these numbers are the first your brain will see.

Sleep well, don’t worry. Be positive and always honest. Then you will sleep as a prince.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Three months ago I got a mail from a guy with the question: “Can you cure me from cancer and can you learn me to be positive?”

I answered his mail by telling that I can’t cure people, only that I’m having methods in my brain that need to be investigated and developed on universities. And learning to be positive ain’t difficult, because when you are born you are loaded with positive energy.

He went to a weekly therapy group and had to pay $ 50.00 each time he came. And a man was teaching him to be positive. But the most fun he had from that therapy was going afterwards with the people in the group to the pub. Must say, that’s an expensive drink.

It doesn’t cost you any money to get positive. It only takes some time, but that ain’t a problem. I don’t want money for my advise. The man couldn’t believe it that I wasn’t asking money for helping him.

We made an agreement. I was going to help him to be positive and he was going to use the $ 50.00 to give his wife flowers and other nice stuff.

First of all, be honest to yourself and others. Don’t lie. It’s much easier to live if you are honest, you don’t have to remember your lies.

Write down all the things you can’t and pick them one by one and see them positively. Try to stop with saying: “I can’t” cause you can.

Can’t pay the taxes
No you can pay the taxes, only not the way they want you to. So you contact them and tell about your situation and there always will be a solution.

I’m having cancer, I won’t live long anymore
Is your cancer diagnosed in hospital by specialists?
No I have seen articles on the Internet and I feel that I have it.
My advise is to ask an opinion in hospital and even when you have cancer it doesn’t mean it will be the end of your life. If you are positive you can be cured with help of the hospital and by yourself.

My wife is always angry at me when I’m tweeting
Don’t tweet all the time. Make sure you have time for other things, like talking with your wife.

I’ve problems with my job
Figure out what the problems are and talk about them with your boss. He will understand.

Always think positive and when negative things are coming on your way, handle them with positive thoughts.

If you are always negative, negative energy will come on your path. But if you are positive most of the time positive energy will come on your path and even when something isn’t positive you can handle it with positive thoughts.

The problem with the taxes was solved. The problem with the cancer was solved. He did not have cancer but a problem with his intestines that was easy to remedy. He changed his tweet habit and took more time for things like talking to his wife. His boss didn’t want to hear him about the work he was doing, so he found another job that was more pleasant. And he changed some other things which I don’t mention here.

I asked him if I could mention the situation as a sample on my blog and he agreed. But I didn’t use his name or location.

That doesn’t mean you all must start writing to me because you want to be positive. Just start with being honest to yourself and others. Say to yourself: “I can do this ...” and “I won’t let negative things be in my way ...” and when they come on your path, try to see why it happens and be strong enough to stand above them. I know you can!

It also can happen that I don’t answer your mail. That’s not negative, but I don’t always have time to answer them.

Friday, May 14, 2010


In 2006 I started to have prophetic dreams. The reason was unknown. One of those dreams was in English. Strange for me cause I am a Dutch guy and at that moment with less knowledge of English. The dream told me that I could do things, which I can't do in normal life. 90 Percent of my prophetic dreams came out, but my English dream didn't and because of what was in, I didn't talk about it with friends and doctors. I managed with help of a good friend, to stop the prophetic dreams. Except the English one didn't stop.

In October 2009 I started to write features for film, television and new media and I published them on a blog.
I decided in December 2009 that I had to do something with this strange dream, which I had for almost four years now.

In January 2010 I wrote a mail to professor Allan Snyder, Centre of the Mind, Sydney University, about my strange dream: I was giving lectures on many universities and became awarded on Harvard University. I could even cure a woman with a brain tumor. I was able to discover my brain was changing. The dream was longer, but that is not important to write down here.

In February 2010 I wrote a mail to professor Dick Swaab, Neurobiology UVA, AMC Amsterdam and he gave me fast an answer: Extended and impressive. Also an answer from professor Snyder. But he had no time to assist me but wished me good luck with puzzling it out.
I also did write to professor Brian Little (his name was in my dream) at Harvard University. I wrote him twice, because I didn't get any response. I wrote to the president of Harvard University and to the department of neurobiology.

I asked my GP if I was getting crazy and he told me that I had to continue. From Harvard University I didn't get any answer. But I noticed, every time when I wrote, they checked my blogs. Strange, people who were in disbelief and decided not to send my mails to the persons which I mentioned in the mails.

I wrote down my dream in an English paper. In Dutch was not possible, cause every time I tried, I did get an headache. When I was ready with writing I noticed my dream told me, that it was a method to cure people from cancer. Daily my dream got more meanings and I could make it more precise.

In March 2010 my paper came at a Dutch University but it was very silent for some time. In April I wrote professor Swaab again and he was interested in my paper. Also a professor in America was interested in what was happening in my brain. Because several professors were not on their university they could not start working with it. It's also difficult of the availability of budgets.

On May 7, 2010 I wrote a mail to professor Jill Bolte Taylor, she is famous about her Stroke of Insight.

I'm able to use my right brain half for getting more knowledge on curing diseases. I can write methods that will cure cells in a human body. The methods are not published on the Internet to prevent abuse. The information in the methods is even not to be found on the Internet. The method doesn't use medication, radiation or chemo and is a pleasant way to use.

My plans are first to get my GH-method in the Netherlands on a university. There are now two universities informed about my method. Two other universities are informed about my brainactivities. It's not known yet if my method works, it first has to be investigated with universities.

The GH-method that will cure cancer.

A project in which we can invent a method for preventing cancer for next generations.

Planned university (city known) Belgium. Method of curing / preventing Alzheimer.

Planned university (city known) USA. Method of curing / preventing Parkinson.

MS and ME*
Planned university (city known) France. Method of curing / preventing MS and ME.

Planned university (city known) Germany. Method of curing HIV.

Later in 2010 I will discover that the knowledge was all my life in my brain and the dream was there to let me get it out to the world.

*These methods will start as soon as the first method is started.