Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I write this article because my brain is curious about the causes of diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, A.L.S., Huntington's, MS, etc. So I write in this article how I think it is that there are so many diseases related to the central nervous system. Whether that is true will ultimately have to prove science. Since I do not have the possibility to put this proof into facts. For as long as man is capable of diagnosing diseases, man is active to trace the causes. With a finding that it is genetically determined, you are not there yet, because what motivated the genes to include that determination in the evolution of man.

In theory you could go back to the origin of man. To keep warm, animal skins were used. To get to those animal skins, they had to make tools to hunt with. That was not from one day to the next but in the evolution of man people learned to make axes, spears and the like. When making these spears, pieces of stone had to be treated and the creation of fire could be discovered. Just by coincedence. Most discoveries that have a great influence on humans have been discovered by coincedence. Because people can not cope with the cold, it once started with a wood fire. Substances that were released thereby caused damage to the central nervous system and thus the genes were modified over time in a negative sense. Subsequent burning of other substances such as peat, coal, petroleum, gas did not make it much healthier. Many of these substances ultimately cause inflammation to occur in the central nervous system, causing various diseases. In most cases, the harm is caused by inflammation, which will manifest itself after an incubation period of about 1 to 2 years. It is known that we, the human being, are making ourselves sick and the power to do something about it is lacking and the rich of the earth is playing a role. What those rich people forget is that they are also human and therefore subject to these diseases. I aim at the pharmaceutical companies.

Through American and European organizations I came to the shocking discovery that 1.6 billion people worldwide suffer from a disease related to the central nervous system. If you then realize that 7.6 billion people live on earth, then that is quite a lot of people. That does not mean, that those 1.6 billion people are at home or bedridden. This information is dated, because humanity continues to grow. So I put down the year here, 2018, in which I write this article.

There are worldwide guidelines for what a person can be exposed to, but these are different per area. A country where a lot of coal is extracted has different rules than a country in which that is not the case. Similarly, for countries where heavily polluting industry takes place, other guidelines apply. In the Netherlands you can find these guidelines on the website of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment).

Unfortunately, I have to conclude that the information that is given is not entirely based on the unique person and that is unfortunate. Often I see the word: 'Negligible', but in fact damage is never negligible. It is high time that scientists, also in the service of our government, realize that every person is unique and that every disease that man can get is unique.

What also bothers me is that countries take over figures from each other. It is not cleaner in Belgium than in the Netherlands or vice versa, because what would you think about the fact that in South Limburg a large number of babies are born with a deviation. You would almost think that it comes through the former mines. About the deviations, an article was published in the 'Limburger' on May 28, 2018. But the cause is not yet known. In my opinion, the cause could also be anchored in the genetic material. Mind you, I write everything I think from my brain. It must therefore be investigated by researchers. It seems sensible to me that the scientists in South Limburg go back in generations up to the coal age and that eventually babies with abnormalities are developed from those people. Then it is therefore certain that these deviations are genetically determined.

I can be very brief about it: "In case of everything that can be burnt, harmful substances are released."

Exhaust gases from combustion engines such as petrol, diesel and kerosene are the most harmful substances, which will ultimately affect humans and animals. In fact, on the whole nature. Let me then just omit the war industry, to make it even more comprehensible, but it also has a major negative impact on nature worldwide. Then I also mention the space travel. Even though people say they are using better means to propel a rocket, the substances that are released are not healthy either. That is why it is therefore better that these activities take place outside the occupied territory.

I notice something about the exhaust fumes, that many of the rich of the earth, redundantly pollute the nature during their trips. I like to take the example of the President of America. When he goes out, he gets into the Military One and some smart guy has once determined that three of those things are flying for one president, just in case someone wants to shoot one from the air. So three polluting helicopters are needed to fly a few kilometers, but that is just the beginning. Several helicopters are flying with it. In addition, several cargo planes fly for the president to carry his "Beast" and other nonsense. On YouTube there is a nice video about how much unnecessary nonsense is used to get the president going and so you can also discover how much unnecessary emissions of bad gases spread in the air. It is made by National Geographic. I would almost say: "Go on a bike mister president!" Only it then do not solve anything, because then there must be a whole army of security guards in stinking, polluting cars, helicopters, etc.

Fortunately, many scientists are now fighting the pollution. Protests at airports. Not only for the noise, but also for the pollution.

Aircraft can also be made electric. Then there are "experts" who say that you can not fly a Boeing 777 or an Airbus A340 or an Antonov An-225 electrically because you do not have enough battery capacity. I think that's all possible. But I do not get into the technical part, the scientists have to ask me about that. And you can also start using hydrogen. Instead of kerosene you simply fill up water. The water that is released after combustion can be reused. In this way you can also re-use the energy that is released during an activity in the case of electric drive.

Over time scientists will find that diseases related to diseases of the central nervous system arise through genetic activities.

One last tip for the scientists to carry out preliminary research into the consequences of natural gas areas. It is not only earthquakes that can take place, but also the gases that are released will affect the genetic material of man. It would be utterly a shame to note in a short period of time that babies in Groningen are also born with deviations, which could come from natural gas extraction.

12 June 2018 - Author: Gé Henning Middelburg Netherlands

This article is a translation of my Dutch document: AANDOENINGEN AAN HET CENTRALE ZENUWSTELSEL Done with some help of Google Translation.